God of War New Game Plus Live Today, Top Reasons to Play

Mihir Sheth - "Hey! I wanted to share the top reasons to play God of War’s New Game Plus (NG+) mode, which launches today as a free update for God of War owners. This update is our largest one yet, and several of the improvements and features within can be enjoyed in both standard and NG+ playthroughs of the game. We’ve been waiting for you all to see what we have in store!"

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Outsider-G85d ago

Update is live now. File size is 863MB :)

hulk_bash198785d ago

Time to play through this masterpiece again. Its such an amazing game.

Monkeysmoke85d ago

Boi, this game is about to get even better!

GOTY 2018

NateBOY85d ago

I think it's best not to celebrate before, I remember when people took for granted the uncharted 4 victory over overwath, it was unfair, but it was interesting because I saw that we are not always sure about predictions goty
but it's gow it's my goty

madforaday85d ago

I believe when people say GOTY, they are meaning it is their GOTY and no one else. That award is literally different depending on which site you go to.

AspiringProGenji85d ago

Uncharted 4 still won more awards in the end. Where U4 did not win was at the Dorito pope awards

TheKingKratos85d ago

Uncharted 4 won more GOTY than overwatch though

And ppl saying GOTY they are talking about their GOTY
And yeah it's my GOTY well so far.

TGGJustin85d ago

Uncharted 4 beat out Overwatch for GOTY awards dude. 165-102 so it wasn't even really close.

Why o why85d ago

Last year persona 5. This year gow.

bluefox75585d ago

UC4 won the most reader's choice awards, who cares what game journos think?

Ceaser985736185d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Well Game Awards Show nominations and Winners are actually via fans voting and hence its little tough for exclusives to win.. but in BAFTA Awards UC4 won the best game and UC4 won more awards then Overwatch.

Also if you remember GTAV won Game of the year in Game Awards but Last of Us won More GOTY title and it was top 1 until Witcher 3 beat it .

Dragonscale84d ago

Being exclusive won't have helped U4's cause, some people only count multiplats for goty awards. Tbh its purely subjective. I personally still think Bloodborne is the best game this gen so there you go.

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NateBOY85d ago

if it's about the fans, it will be goty now awards depends on the specialized media,
the only one that can take prizes of the gow is the red dead 2, taking into account that the first was also Goty winner of 2010

NateBOY85d ago

uncharted 4 win more prizes than overwath proves that it is more important what community thinks about games than journalists because overwath has won on several sites of respect like ign, gamespot, gameinformer

Xavi4K85d ago

Nope RDR is GOTY 2018 mark my words

NateBOY84d ago

this is impossible, people and the media have already decided to love GOW, regardless of any game that came out this year, and it is still more popular than rdr 2 in several places, will get more prizes from readers

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AspiringProGenji85d ago

My save file got overwritten hen I started a new game weeks ago. I don’t mind doing everything over because I love this game but I am not happy with its stone aged save system

Nate4785d ago

I have so many saves at cool moments Soni could show the gf. Just wish the thumbnails showed the scene or something instead of general area.

Jinger85d ago

Already beat it on Give Me God of War so I'll probably NG+ it on just hard.

#5 Push the boundaries of combat by converting certain talismans and armor sets into enchantments, creating combinations which are not possible in a standard playthrough. [NG+ ONLY]

That sounds pretty awesome!

#11 Engage the story the way you want to. Skip cinematics as you please on both standard and NG+ playthroughs by completing the story at least once. Experience the scenes again to catch secrets you might have missed, or simply jump right back into the action.

Thank goodness!

victorMaje85d ago

You beat it on Give me God of War but was it in Immersive mode?
Immersive mode removes the hud & does not give you as much information on screen during combat then when you pull off a series of combos you feel like an absolutely total badass.
Try it, best way to play :)

I_am_Batman85d ago

I tried it yesterday because I've seen a lot of people saying it's a great way to play the game. I can not for the life of me understand these people. If you're playing on story difficulty I could see it but why would you completely rob yourself from vital information and in my opinion destroy the combat of the game voluntarily.

How do you even go about a fighting strategy without knowning:

1. The health and level of your enemy?
2. Your own health and rage?
3. And most imortantly: The cooldowns of your runes?

I actually feel like this mode breaks immersion more than it creates it as I feel completely disconnected with Kratos. I think it's a fine way of playing if you're not too concerned about those things on easier difficulties or you just want to enjoy the beautiful graphics but on a second playthorugh on God of War difficulty this mode is not an option for me.

victorMaje85d ago


The answer to 1,2 & 3 is simply skill :)

Granted at times it may be frustrating but once you get the hang of it there’s nothing more satisfying than having pulled off a series of combos & runic attacks without the help of the UI/HUD & only focusing on visual & auditory queues from Atreus & Mimir.

There are some downsides to this mode (like some lore & location names would not appear, which is why I’d recommend it for a 2nd playthrough) but I played my entire 1st playthrough in it & the valkyrie fights were some of the best I ever had thanks to Immersive mode, but of course to each their own :)

I_am_Batman85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

First of all you didn't really answer my questions. I get that you have some info even without the Hud. But Atreus saying "behind you" (when the enemy is about 90° to the right doesn't really give me much to work with). Also I have no way of knowing when projectiles are coming in or which enemy to focus first because I don't see their health meters.

You're implying that I think that immersive mode is too hard which I definitely don't. I just think you are missing out on very important information to even formulate the right strategy (and even have fun with the combat for that matter). I imagine that Valkyrie fights would be comperatively easy without the hud because you can focus on a single enemy. My problem would be large groups of enmies where I get attacked from 5 different directions at a time.

I like to play offensive and know when to dodge a projectile or reflect it so I can keep fighting. Without the HUD I'd be forced to play much more defensive and rely on having most of the enemies on the screen at all times. I understand that you can get through without the HUD but I highly doubt that you are fighting in an efficient manner doing so.

Jinger85d ago

Yes I played it on immersive mode up until Modi and Magni because it was almost impossible to time knocking them both out wothout seeing their health bars.

victorMaje85d ago

I see your point, I understand your doubts about fighting in an efficient manner without the HUD but I disagree, you just have to be a lot more Kratos would :)
I’ve done it & not defensively (that’s why I mentioned previously that you could feel like a total badass).
I will however try the game with the HUD (at least for some time :) ) enabled to get a better idea of what you mean.

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