5 Wardrobe Fails In Video Games

Raffy: Video game characters are usually designed to mimic real life, even when they’re set in fantasy land. But, you gotta admit, most of them are well-dressed… except when they’re not.

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Inzo149d ago

Funny how this list is comprised from only Japanese games. Luckily they dont really give a shit what Western countries think.

Tross149d ago

Yeah, and impractical outfits are nothing if you've seen some of the more out there stuff that Japan produces. Granted, the most high-brow stuff never officially leaves their country, so in those cases there's little reason for them to care what we think. They definitely tone things down for stuff that is planned for overseas localization, and even then there are still sometimes instances of censorship for Western audiences to this day.

MunchMiller00149d ago

Absolutely. They don't care at all what western countries think. That's why the west got DoA XVB3, right? ................ right?

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MunchMiller00149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Wardrobe fails? Thumbnail looks more like a wardrobe win to me.

Fist4achin149d ago

She looks like she's smuggling melons!

rainslacker148d ago

I really wish authors would use appropriate terms when they make a title for their articles.

These aren't wardrobe fails. Wardrobe fails are when something inadvertently happens to said wardrobe, which shows something that isn't appropriate to show.

In these cases, these wardrobes are performing exactly as they are intended, showing exactly what they intended.

Except for Tingle, this article reads more like a piece to shame anyone who finds any of these outfits sexy or provocative, and that we shouldn't feel right for having any sort of reaction to looking at them.