Gaming Nexus: De Blob Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "I'll admit, I'm a hardened skeptic when it comes to Wii games, especially third party titles. Nintendo's emphasis on simple graphics and minigame collections has been interpreted as carte blanche for third parties to slack off and churn out shovelware. After all, the Wii is still selling like crazy two years on, because the casual gamers eat it up like candy. Casual gamers-the little kids, grandparents, boomers and soccer moms-are easily satisfied with shallow proof of concept demos, and they aren't picky when it comes to graphics, so they'll buy just about anything with "Wii" stamped on the box. As a result, we see a severe lack of quality or maturity in most third party Wii games. It's not fair to either the casual gamers or the longtime fans, but it happens.

When I first heard about de Blob, I thought it was just more of the same; colorful yet simplistic graphics, even simpler gameplay. For months I ignored it, even as the mainstream press paid attention to it. I figured it was getting noticed because the Wii release schedule has been so barren this year. I was wrong. A couple weeks before it released I started doing some research, and realized I'd better get hungry for a helping of humble pie. de Blob isn't just another minigame, it's the evolution of an art project created by students in the Netherlands. At first glance it may be hard to differentiate de Blob from the ocean of mediocrity, but I assure you that the game is everything a third party Wii game should be."

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