Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Delayed to 2019 & Vita version Cancelled

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Delayed to 2019 and the Vita version has been cancelled, check out the details here.

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Araragifeels 150d ago

PSVITA is hitting the final nail on the coffin and Dev are jumping ships. I am just hoping that in the future, they make another portable.

Born2Game83148d ago

Vita died about 2 years ago. Also why would Sony make another portable???? all their profit is in the home console market. They can never beat Nintendo in the portable space because of Pokemon, Mario, Zelda etc.

Araragifeels 148d ago

PlayStation New Ceo mentioned that they haven't given up on portable but it doesn't mean that they have to do a traditional portable. I am open with a portable that can play Home Console games but is it own thing platform like PSVR and is still part of the home console.

gangsta_red150d ago

Wow! Another delay for a game that's been in development for how long now?

Seriously, they put out the 8-bit version before this.

Neonridr150d ago

8-bit version was a prequel game and much, much smaller in scope.

Concertoine149d ago

Also outsourced to a different studio.

148d ago
Neonridr148d ago

@Jaruren - are you my new stalker now? Geez, I'm flattered buddy.

I never said anything about the Vita but thanks. I actually own a Vita, although my primary reason for buying it was for Remote Play with my PS4. Care to troll a little harder next time?

Magic_Spatula148d ago

Like the previous commentors, the prequel was a small 8-bit style game in the vein of classic Castlevania games which was developed by the publisher of this game, Inti Creates. Personally, I'm glad it's been delayed. I'd rather them have time to polish up the game than to rush it out. Kinda bummed about the Vita version though. I backed it for the PC version and since I don't have a Switch, would have been nice to play this game on the go.

Razmiran148d ago

And also I think the prequel game was a stretch goal in the kickstarter

Blu3_Berry149d ago

I'm cool with it. It's looking great so far.

MWH148d ago

far from it, perhaps this explains the delay.

Spurg149d ago

Even Sony adandoned the vita.
I hope new gen they try to compete with the switch and give us something with more substance.

About the game though....I'm really disappointed that they chose a 3d sidescrolling artstyle. There are countless indie games out there that nail the metroidvania gameplay and artstyle, I can't grasp my they haven't followed the same artstyle as the SOTN.

kevnb149d ago

I’m not sure why they did so quickly, it was actually a pretty good device.

Razmiran148d ago

Sony abandoned the vita like 3 days after releasing it
I still love it, have a lot of jrpgs, but It didnt get a lot of support from sony

148d ago
shinoff2183148d ago

What do you mean with more substance?

Born2Game83148d ago

@Razmiran stop talking shit. At least try to educate yourself a little, just a little before typing. Sony did abandon the Vita, but it was after year or so.

Spurg148d ago

...I think he was being sarcastic

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The story is too old to be commented.