How The PS4 Is Set To Deliver Visually Arresting Exclusives In The Future – Part 4

GB: "Our final part rounds off what is coming in the future for the PS4 and PS4 PRO, and how they are all set to push visual barriers on consoles."

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Neonridr85d ago

it's not so much the hardware as it is the teams they have developing stuff for the console. Sure the PS4 and Pro are amazing machines but so are the One and One X. The difference is that Sony has studios like Naughty Dog, Insomniac and their in-house studios pumping out some incredible looking games.

gameseveryday85d ago

Welll, to be honest you need good hardware that is powerful and easy to develop, as well as talented teams. It's a combination of both.

Neonridr85d ago

fair enough, but talented devs have ways to make games look good regardless of hardware.

Eonjay84d ago

I disagree simply because of what Nintendo does over and over again. Talent over tech every time.

Aggesan85d ago

I Agree, but Insomniac make games for Microsoft as well. Theyre third party.

Neonridr85d ago

they did (Sunset Overdrive). I used them because they are very talented and Spiderman looks gorgeous.

KwietStorm84d ago

They have made *a game* for Microsoft. They have historically been second party with PlayStation over multiple generations.

Silly gameAr84d ago

Seems like rhe article was talking about games, not developers.

rpvenom84d ago

You're exactly right. The hardware at the end of the day is essentially a computer with upgraded hardware thats dedicated to play video games. There will always be better and stronger hardware as time evolves.

What makes the difference is the partnerships with the right studios that produce the quality of games. If XBox has exclusive rights to naughty dog, guerrilla games, quantic dream, santa monica, etc.. they would be the leaders in best visual games.

And that's what sony understands.. its not necessarily about the hardware, its ABOUT THE GAMES (ie: developer talent)

Neonridr84d ago

having the more powerful hardware definitely didn't hurt them to start this gen though, :P

PhoenixUp85d ago

Before the generation started I didn’t think there’s be much room for visual improvement but I was wrong

FullmetalRoyale84d ago

First of all, they start with actual exclusives.

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Elda84d ago

This is why the PS5 will be released somewhere between 2020 or 2021.

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