PC Gamer: Far Cry 2 Review

PC Gamer writes: "The key to Far Cry 2's appeal isn't the vast open landscapes. It isn't the forward thinking technology that powers the striking, adaptive storyline, nor is it the truly extraordinary visuals.

It's not the violent slapstick and chain-splodes of the hysterically volatile camps, filled to the brim with ammo dumps and fuel tanks. It's not the moments of pure adrenalised catharsis, where, rifle in hand, you power through smoke and machinegun fire, enemies to the left and right. It's not even when you stride through the ruins, calmly putting down survivors by plunging a machete into their chests."

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3746d ago
bumnut3746d ago

sounds good, im torn between the pc version (mouse + keyboard, better graphics) or xbox 360 (what most of my friends have got)

n4gzz3746d ago

well, I getting ps3 version which i already paid for. You should be okay with either version. 360's controller is better for FPS but It can't beat the mouse and keyboard. Anyway, I like to lay back on my bed while playing games :D.

Plan B3746d ago

If you have a gaming PC I don't see why you'd ever play a multi platform fps on anything else.


ok, i read it about halfway and stopped...

it sounds amazing. i can't wait.

if this game can pull off the 30 sec of fun like halo ce, then i am sold. how am i going to fit it in with dead space, fable, fallout, and gears the following week ?

what a xmas this is going to be.