Could Red Dead Redemption 2 Feature The Biggest Map In A Rockstar Title?

RDR2 writes "As an open-world game, the map will be a huge factor in the game's reception and is thus at the center of speculation - could it be the biggest map in any Rockstar Games title to date?

Some sources already consider the answer "yes" to be in the bag. A few outlets have in the past few days circulated a story which treats Red Dead Redemption 2's map being the biggest as fact, confirmed by official sources, even though this isn't the case."

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raWfodog62d ago

I would welcome a huge map to gallop across and explore. Given Rockstar's reputation, I'm positive they will have a lot of activities to keep us busy. And if you actually get tied of traversing from one side of the map to the other, there will always be fast-travel.

NateBOY62d ago

I did not even ride fast on rdr.
loved to gallop, the mechanics of the horse is better than wicher 3, shadow of colossus and Ac
loved to gallop by listening to the background soundtrack and the noises of animals