GayGamer: LittleBigPlanet Review

GayGamer: "Once in a great while, a game comes along that captures the imagination of gamers as a whole. It crosses the lines of fanboyism and genre exclusive players to create something that everyone can enjoy. LittleBigPlanet is just such a game. This was proved early on when the game was first shown to an eager audience at E3 in 2006 and in subsequent showings the answer from the crowds was the same: LittleBigPlanet is simply amazing. When Media Molecule and Sony handed out Beta codes a few weeks back, the scramble to get them was nothing short of phenomenal, even causing some larger websites to crash from the crush of the crowds. Sure it got a ton of amazing early notices, but does the final product live up to all the hype? I am happy to say that yes, it does. Not only does it meet expectations, it exceeds them."

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WIIIS13646d ago

I'm not at all surprised that LBP would get a perfect score from Gaygamers. It has that jolly, happy and gay thing about it, and you get to dress up Sackboy and his environments any way you like too. No wanton violence, unnecessary aggression, machismo, bloodlust or boobs galore. Fabulous wholemeal bread stuff for people with gentler inclinations!

darkdoom30003646d ago

wow, considering this might just (probably will) win GOTY we might just see a surge of people at the local gay bar.