We're Overdue for a Definitive Persona 3 Version

"You see, each version of Persona 3 offers unique features and additions. While Persona 3 FES keeps the animated cutscenes and includes Aegis’s episode “The Answer”, the PSP version lets us choose a gender, let’s you control your teammates on the battlefield, and even has a Catherine reference! It’s kind of insane that we haven’t received a definitive version of Persona 3 yet. All we can hope is that Atlus has plans for a remaster/remake of P3 that includes all of the content from both versions in one package." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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jznrpg1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

Yes please and put P4Golden on PS4 while they are at it , best story

Movefasta19931038d ago

i recently bought it for vita and persona 3 psp version BC. Should I play 3 first or does it matter?

Eiyuuou1038d ago

Only a bit. I suggest you play 3 first.

BlaqMagiq11038d ago

It is. Remake P3F in P5 engine with the ability to control all your characters, and put the P3P extra stuff in there.

Definitive version nailed.

Last_Boss1038d ago

Remake 1 & 2 the way they're supposed to be, with all the content.

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