Playstation 5, A 4K Nintendo Switch, And More Skewedcast

On their latest Skewedcast: Gareth, Justin, and Michael of Skewed and Reviewed look at Nintendo switch 4K and the Playstation 5 rumors,
Gamescom, PAX West, Strange Brigade Turtle Beach, Nintendo switch 4K and the Playstation 5 rumors and more.

Gamescom2018 - 5:20
Strange Brigade - 11:50
Turtle beach headset - 15:15
Nintendo Swith 4K in 2019 and PS5 Rumors - 15:45

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michaelknight3585d ago

that'll be cool if its true about nintendo switch 4k

Garethvk85d ago

That is the rumor but the issue is they do this and then PlayStation and Xbox release new systems and once again Nintendo is behind and playing catchup to more powerful and versatile systems. Portability is one thing but lagging behind the power and features of the other two will set them back.

michaelknight3585d ago

duh i know its just a rumor but still i hope it turns out to be true

Garethvk85d ago

No need to be rude. I am sure it may happen but it is again a case of Nintendo playing catch up with their competition.