Shuhei Yoshida Was Horrified After Playing Early God of War Prototype

During his keynote at the opening of Devcom today, God of War game director shared many interesting tidbits on the behind the scenes development and the making of the game.

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C-H-E-F2109d ago

i'm glad for him, glad his vision turned out to be the best thing to happen to GOW since GOW

Skull5212109d ago

Except that God of War no longer feels like God of War.

"One team member even said he was ruining the franchise"

I'm not saying that they've ruined the franchise, but I get where this team member was coming from. The game kinda kept is aesthetics but lost its unique identity in the process. I'm only a few hours in but I don't feel like I'm playing God of War anymore, the combat system is just completely different from what it used to be.

SCW19822109d ago

I thought that at the beginning of the game but the more you play it the more you realize it actually kept quite a bit of the god of war DNA. Keep with it and you will see.

Eonjay2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

The more you play the .ore you realize its essentially the same with far greater control. No one who actually plays the game would say it's been ruined.

Dark_Knightmare22109d ago

It’s easily a gow game and the more you play the stronger that feeling gets

mt2109d ago

I was like why the change in gameplay when I first saw the game in E3. then after playing the game I was if you gotta change the gameplay mechanics with something equal or better then I am fine with it.

Kyizen2109d ago

After you get *spoiler* you have that GOW feeling


The combat still feels like God of war just a bit different. Although the identity of God of war has been changed a lot. From being Action packed and fast to being slow paced,, and the bosses overall except for the baldur fight dont compare to the previous games. Even the story left more to be desired personally

jimbost792109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

@skull. Do you just go to articles and downplay everything? Every article about a sony exclusive and there you are saying how shit it is. Why dont you go to articles about games you like and be positive? You are toxic and the worst memer of community by far, you just type absolute drivel.
You're only a few hours in, well ive platinuled every gow and i can assure you it feels exactly like gow should. Especially when you get the blades. You can even remap the controls to calssic so the blades feel exactly the same. It would be like saying mario 64 didn't feel like mario. It did , it just evolved the formula. If you don't like it fair enough Thats your opinion. But in my opinion its exactly what the series needed and every aspect of the game, minus the puzzles blew me away. My game of the gen.

AspiringProGenji2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

it is still God of War regardless of no fixed csmers angles, which is the only thing you might miss in this new game. Every thing else stills feels like it. Sants Monica even brough the blade of chaos back yet some people still want to say that.

I’m glad Cory decided to take the series to a new direction gameplay wise, otherwise I would not have enjoyed it as much. The greek era is done. Time for something new. I wish even more stablished games did this

jimbost792109d ago

Can you block people on here, so their comments dont show? If you can, would someone be kind enough to tell me how?

Foxhound9222109d ago


You don't have a PS4 so quit trying to download one of the highest-rated games in history.

"Wahhh itz not lyke da uther gadz uf warz"

We're not falling for the concern troll.

victorMaje2109d ago

Keep at it, before you know it you’ll get that feeling back, you’ll see.

doggo842109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

"except God of war doesn't even feel like God of war"

Xbox fanboy downplay starter kit. What are you going to say when GOW sweeps GOTY left right and centre? Can't wait to see your damage control.

Also, how hilarious that you try and use this quote "One team member even said he was ruining the franchise" to suggest it has lost its character - LMAO, bruh, you realise they are talking about early development stages over here, and they are saying all this in the wake of its success?

Quickly go onto metacritic and refresh your memory on its critical reception. Also, if it doesn't "feel" like Gow can you give me an explanation as to why it's the fastest selling PS exclusives in history?

2109d ago
Ceaser98573612109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

""One team member even said he was ruining the franchise" "

Skull 521

Its obvious people will have problem when you reboot a beloved franchise but then after a lot of Nos and disagreement. Everyone understood Cory's vision and now its the best selling game on PS and one of the best games out there.. The combat this time changed and IF only you are not lying and have played the game you will understand why..

chris2352109d ago

quite obviously you didn‘t play the game to the end

Ratchet752109d ago

Like u ever owned a PS4...
U re on every PlayStation articles.
U re just A sad little Troll .

InTheLab2109d ago

Once you get to a certain point in the game you will say "holy crap, this IS GoW!!"
I would be shocked if everyone didnt feel like this early on. For me, I spent maybe 20 hours or so toiling around without advancing the story I'm not sure that is the way to go. Push through the story and you have that "ohhhh " moment.

Jinger2109d ago

It will never feel the same with the new camera angle. It just never does. Also the lack of big combos never gets better since most of the cool moves are tied to a cool down timer. The bosses also are probably the weakest bosses since the very first game.

All that said though, it is still a really great game... just don't expect it to ever feel fully GoW.

lipton1012109d ago

Cry me a river. Your contrarian “too cool for GoW” opinion doesn’t matter

AmUnRa2109d ago

And here is mister negative to all what Sony does.
That you dont like the game is not strange. For me, and the most of GoW players loved what Cory and his team did with GoW.
And when you see how many copies are sold gamers disagree with you. I can say that that is your prejudiced point of view.
You only have to read your comment history and you can not deny that you have an agenda.

2109d ago
Goldby2109d ago


Im guessing you are just randomly tapping r1 and r2. There are some sweet combos you can do in the game, just have to learn them and use them

Vizigoth042109d ago

You're absolutely right. The gameplay is different. The theme is different. Everything is different now. Kratos told you not to dwell on it yet here you are. 😋. I think his team made lacked vision at the time and probably has a lot more of it now.

Jinger2109d ago


That is cute and all, but that is nothing compared to the old games.


of course I was doing the combos, I couldn't have beat it on Give Me God of War without becoming proficient at the combat system.

I know you guys like boost up this game like the combat system is amazing, but here is a refresher of how bad ass the old games are in comparison. https://youtu.be/DjTG5LpaG3...

WeedyOne2109d ago

I have loved and played EVERY God of War game to the end EXCEPT the recent reboot. I bought it on release played about half way through the game and just got bored. Still have yet to complete the game because it feels less like god of war and more like other games in the genre (tomb raider, uncharted but with melee weapons). Not much of a variety in the enemies you face, MUCH less blood.

Also no tits, not 1 single tit in the whole game... lol (this is a bit of sarcasm...) but seriously where are the tits?

TheKingKratos2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )


Soo what i get from your comment that you weren't very good at the game because i was doing combo left and right plus all the cool move with runes and i got the plat and finished it on GMGOW
As a fan of old games the new one is far better

AspiringProGenji2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

The old games were fast but there was no depth. Ascencion was the one with most depth yet fans were supposedly tired of the formula.

This game now has depth and the combos are still there. If you still prefer the old because the combos were easier and it was more button mashing then sure, that’s fine. But the series is much better in the direction is going with added depth and RPG elements in its combat. The fast pace and juggles are still there, but now you have to actually keep it up not just button mash, and I already showed you a video of how fast you can go with it

Your video is not bad either but mine proves the combos and the fast paced action are still there

TheKingKratos2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )


Yeah when God of War: Ascension ( i was one of the few who played it) came out i was pretty much done with GOW i was so sick of the same combat over and over and over and how repetitive it become

Thank god for the new one
One of the very few developers who dared to change things up in their games series

trooper_2109d ago

You're on a roll, aren't you?

On every Playstation related article, projecting your 'fake' concern.

Doesn't it get old?

How is 'God of War' not 'God of War'?