Opinion: What Can We Expect From Steam TV?

The news of a Valve project that could compete against Twitch – what the press has taken to call Steam TV – raced around the world in the last 24 hours. If Steam TV really wants to crush the competition, it will need a series of features that are key to achieving this goal... and that begs the proverbial question!

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lollord152d ago

Lets see if valve will support this. Cause they have been pretty shit at most things recently.

TheIndieToaster152d ago

I'm starting to doubt Valve is actually serious about creating a streaming platform for its users. Or better: they might be serious about it but I'm not sure what they'd gain from going to war with Twitch and YouTube!

Even so, I can't exactly believe all of this is just for the Dota Championship so... we'll see, I guess?