Diablo III Eternal Collection Runs At 960p 60fps On Nintendo Switch When Docked

Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that Diablo III Eternal Collection will run with a 960p resolution at 60 frames per second on Nintendo Switch when docked in TV Mode, and 720p at 60 frames per second in Handheld Mode.

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Skull52159d ago

Switch, the first next gen console out of the gate and it can’t even hit 1080p. Glad I didn’t accidentally make an impulse buy one one yet.

DarkVoyager59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

“Switch, the first next gen console out of the gate and it can’t even hit 1080p.”

It’s a portable console. Did you expect a supercomputer?

2pacalypsenow59d ago

Well people are comparing it to the PS4 and Xbox 1.

You can’t have both.

In that case it should be compared to the vita and 3ds.

Neonridr59d ago

@2pacalypsenow - didn't know the Vita or 3DS were getting Diablo 3 anytime soon, let alone Wolf 2, Doom 1 / 2, etc. How can we compare it to those handhelds when it runs circles around them?

I am sure we could have had 1080p, but then people would gripe because it was only 30fps. This thing is 1/20th the size.. and you are griping about 900p vs 1080p?

TheUndertaker8559d ago

There’s portable devices that can hit 4K. Most portable devices do 1080 in this day and age. You really don’t need a “supercomputer” to make it happen either.

Neonridr58d ago

@TheUndertaker85 - show me which handheld devices run games like Wolfenstein 2 at 4K. Angry Birds on a Note 5 doesn't count genius.

King_Noctis58d ago


There aren’t alot of phone/portable devices that has 4K screen yet (due to battery issue) and those who are available on the market cost an arm and a leg compared to the Switch. Plus, just like Neonrider said, what are you gonna play on those phones? Angry Bird?

bluefox75558d ago

I mean, the game is over 8 years old at this point though.

Neonridr58d ago

@bluefox755 - May 2012 this game released. So your math is a little off.

bluefox75557d ago (Edited 57d ago )

@neonridr You are correct. I don't know why I thought 2010. Still though, 6 years is a long time. It came out last gen, and wasn't exactly graphically cutting edge back then. I'd say my point still stands, despite the error.

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TekoIie59d ago

Actually it's entirely in line with what you'd expect next gen handhelds to accomplish. The 3DS and Vita couldn't even do 720p and actually struggled with what they were accomplishing. And now we have a handheld system capable of running games appearing on home consoles.

But if you want me to take your dedication to high end gaming seriously I hope you're in possession of atleast a GTX 1080, 16gbs of RAM and an I7 Processor or equivilant. 4k monitor of course with G-Sync and at about 120hz at least too?

2pacalypsenow59d ago

4k @120hz? You’re joking right.

Not even a TI can do that unless you turn everything to low and even then.

TekoIie59d ago


What am I joking about? I said a 4k monitor at 120hz? Did you misread my comment?

Larrysweet58d ago

Well a 120hrtz 4k monitor would do u zero good with a 1080

TekoIie58d ago


So you're going to claim that 1080 can run nothing at 4k? Do you only play brand new games and not play anything else in your library? I was recently replaying Dead Space 2 in 4k and it was really cool to see one of my favorite games with a much sharper image at a great frame rate.

Also, most F2P games can easily be played at max settings at 4k with a 1080 so im not seeing the "zero good" part.

kevnb58d ago

you could do that, but its more practical to go 1440p 144hz and gsync.

Neonridr58d ago

@kevnb - agreed. I have a 1080ti and I run a 165Hz monitor at 1440p. I would rather the higher framerates than trying to push 4K at sub-par frames. 1440 still looks glorious.

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Sm00thNinja59d ago

Mr. I buy games for resolution... There's always one.

fonger0859d ago

Nah it’s a more of the case of, “I’m gonna complain(troll) on something I never intended to buy.”

Sm00thNinja59d ago

@fonger I like that better actually as well

Neonridr59d ago

oh I am sure if it was 30fps it would have done 1080p easily. Devs wanted the fluidity of 60fps. I am fine with that.

DJK1NG_Gaming59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

You do realize you just made yourself look stupid.
When Fast RMX runs at 1080p 60fps which was a launch title.

Homushi58d ago

you are right in that the nintendo switch doesn't always hit the 1080P mark. But when you grab that controller and play the games on it, man its just hella fun, and you really forget to care about the resolution because you're just having too much fun playing. Resolution is an after thought. You can't bind nintendo to the same standards as other developers, because the gameplay somehow always manages to captivate your attention and reminds you that hey, bleeding edge graphics isn't everything. Anyone who's played Breath of the Wild, or Odyssey will attest to this.

Can't wait for smash bros and mario party, and metroid prime 4!!

orbital7158d ago (Edited 58d ago )

i can feel your retardedness from another galaxy....

fewDankMemes58d ago

Doesn't the normal Xbox One run this at 900p? I'd say this is pretty impressive.

Rude-ro58d ago

You talking about Xbox one or the switch?
That released at 900p on the Xbox one, so nice to see the switch is beating that at least.

-volt-58d ago

I laugh at your consoles that struggle with 60fps until recently.

King_Noctis58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I’d rather take framerate over resolution to be honest. Also by now we all know the Switch is underpowered due to the portability nature of the console, so I don’t know why people still beating that dead horse.

Despite that, the Switch is a fantastic little console and by now some people should learn to accept that.

haydenlake58d ago

I’m surprised you have the mental capacity to make a comment on this website when you can’t distinguish the difference between a portable handheld games console and a heavy unit console like an Xbox One X...

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Shiken58d ago

I know, hard to believe that we can take a huge game like this on the go with this performance! Before 2018, you could not take a console game on the go without shoddy streaming tactics.

Gaming on the go has come a long way since 2012, that is certainly clear.

King_Noctis58d ago

And soon, Doom Eternal and Dark Soul on the go. Technology has come a long long way.

slate9158d ago

When people criticize the switch, I just dont get it lol. Theres really nothing negative to take away from nintendo and sony this gen imo. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Sgt_Slaughter58d ago

People seem to forget, Xbox One ran this at 900p when the game launched on it.

Sm00thNinja58d ago

Does it though? Did it receive a patch?

Goldby58d ago

Xbox one still runs it at 900p*

So only if you end up spending an addition 500$ do you get "4k" for diablo 3

TheUndertaker8558d ago

@Sm00thNinja: Yes it did, both for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

solidossnakos58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

The graphics are dimmed down for the switch version compared to PS4 and Xbox one. So your argument is not valid.
Although kudos for making it 720p 60fps on portable mode, blizzard did a good job with this port, hope more games head to the switch.
I own D3 on PC and PS4, but I might grab a switch second hand just to play D3 on the go.
Shame the new Torchlight wasn't announced for the switch.

Akarogg 58d ago

The topic is resolution so obviously it's valid

masterfox58d ago

oh and you still paying 300 plus dlls for that.

King_Noctis58d ago

$300 for Diablo 3? What a mad world we are living in. /s

masterfox58d ago

yeah sorry my bad , is almost 400 bucks for the switch and the game , a game that can even reach full HD in 2018, oh I almost forgot Diablo 3 was released in May 2012, sorry but people can colored the Switch in whatever color they want , but for me for obvious logical reasons the Switch has some pretty pathetic specs for this time and era, the main issue here is that thing of what it offers no way in hell or Diablo's hell it justifies a 300 dlls price tag, it should be no more of 150 bucks.

Neonridr58d ago

@masterfox - hey man, feel free to point me to another handheld device that I can play Diablo 3 on with better frames/resolution and I am all ears my friend.

Fortunately there are so many other titles worth playing on the Switch. Who buys a console for one game? Are you going to tell me that there aren't any other titles worth owning on the Switch? Are we really trying that hard to troll today?

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