TeamXbox: Fable II Co-op Mode Impressions

TeamXbox writes: "Usually we would cry foul when a game doesn't actually ship with one of its promised key modes, only to be released later in a patch. But Fable II's creators Lionhead Studios did get their patch to include the missing co-operative play – a feature they promoted loudly in the lead up to the release – out almost as soon as games hit shelves. So co-op may have not technically "shipped" with the game, gamers who bought it weren't made to wait for something they expected to pay for.

But that means that we here at TeamXbox (and every other media outlet that had their review ready yesterday morning) didn't get to review the game with that feature under consideration. We only got to play this morning when the rest of the world did. While it doesn't seem like a big enough deal for us to actually re-review the game or adjust the score accordingly, we do feel obligated to give you our impressions of the co-op mode and give you an assessment of some sort."

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Tarasque3650d ago

I am glad they are not changing the score or re-reviewing. Score should be based on as is when it hit store shelves from day one. Doesn't matter if there is a patch the next day or whatever.