Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Trophies Revealed

Seems Mercs 2 will be another game to patch in Trophies. Mercs 2 will be patched for 40 Trophies of which 24 are Bronze, 11 Silver, 4 Gold and the Platinum.

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pwnsause3648d ago

EA is really pushing it, arent they?

PirateThom3648d ago

EA already won me over this year, but if they want to patch games I own with trophies, who am I to argue?

Phoenix83873648d ago

Color me excited. I wanted the game but figured with GTA getting Trophies and all the other games coming out with Trophies that it wouldn't really be worth a pickup for me... Now it just bumped up on my list a bit.

Forbidden_Darkness3648d ago

I wasnt expecting this, im starting to like EA alot :)

El_Colombiano3648d ago

Wow, Dead Space, and now this. I am impressed. Go EA.

PimpHandStrong3648d ago

EA knows where they will butter that bread
They know it and we know it
360 has one year to live and then its over!

When u see sales under 200,000 for a system cheaper then a Wii its time to JUMP OUT! Its all about time frames and if the 360 fails to reach that 4 year mark above Xbox numbers it will be over!

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The story is too old to be commented.