PlayStation, Marvel's Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 2, & More Get "Collector's Boxes" at GameStop

GameStop is offering a "PlayStation Collector's Box" on top of some for Marvel's Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and More.

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capjacksparrow154d ago

Yes, but why?

I hate things like this because I usually only want one to two things out of the entire set. I wonder what made them want to do these.

Sam Fisher154d ago

Its a dying company, so they trying to make any/every incentive to stay alive

capjacksparrow154d ago

When I go in there, it feels like FYE. I used to love FYE, but GameStop hasn't quite reached that level.

BuildTheWall154d ago

Considering the quality of the crap from places like GameStop , these won't even be worth half of what GameStop is asking.

-Foxtrot154d ago

You may aswell spend £79.99 on the Red Dead Redemption 2 Collectors Edition box

DivineAssault 153d ago

Cool but im not spending $80 for that stuff.