David Hayter Returns As Voice Of Snake In Touching Metal Gear Solid Tribute

David Hayter, who voiced Metal Gear Solid protagonists Solid Snake and Naked Snake until he was replaced by Kiefer Sutherland in Metal Gear Solid V, has returned to the former role in a short video produced by filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts in celebration of the Metal Gear franchise’s 31st anniversary.

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FallenAngel1984152d ago

2018 has been a great for David Hayter’s return to voicing Snake.

- Super Bomberman R
- Metal Gear’s 31st anniversary shorts
- Super Smash Bros Ultimate

You can tell he really loves the role and was disappointed as was the rest of us when he was replaced by Keifer Sutherland.

cell989150d ago

But now we know why he was replaced. It made sense for Venum Snake not to sound like BigBoss, because in fact he was not BigBoss. Still miss Hayter tho

VenomUK150d ago

Recently Konami gave Metal Gear Solid V an update. They should try and regain the public favour by getting David Hayter to record the voice track for Snake. So if any long time fans want to hear the original Snake they now have a choice!

Eamon150d ago

uhh... the real Big Boss is still voiced by Kiefer in Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain...

FallenAngel1984150d ago

No that doesn’t make sense since in Japanese, Akio Otsuka still voices Venom Snake just like he voiced Solid Snake & Big Boss. Not to mention that Keifer Sutherland still voiced the real Big Boss in Ground Zeroes & Phantom Pain.

We already know the only reason Keifer Sutherland was brought in was for a western mocap actor because Kojima didn’t think Hayter was up to the task.

cell989148d ago

I stand corrected, good point

DEEBO152d ago

Sad how this franchise ended...SMH

Gardenia149d ago

We can still hope for a MGS remake with all voices redone. Even if it's made without Hideo Kojima it still could be great. But then again it's Konami so...

gigoran150d ago

Funny how a mistake managed to pop into the speech

BiggCMan150d ago

Yea I noticed that too haha. He said the past 31 days and I'm just like:

Chocoburger150d ago

Actually it wasn't an error. Over the past 31 days were they celebrating the past 31 years of Metal Gear. With a Twitter hashtag, out-pouring of affection from the fan base, and tons of concept art from Jordan (the would-be director of the film). There was no fan base 31 years ago, and David had nothing to do with the series 31 years ago, so of course he wouldn't talk about the past 31 years. David was accurate when he stated the past 31 days, since that is what he's specifically referring to.


ZombieKiller150d ago

That truly gave me chills. I miss David Hayter as Snake.

SuperSonic91150d ago

I miss him more as The Guyver

WitcheRivia150d ago

Now that Kojima is finally gone, David Hayter can voice Snake once again.

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