NES Metroid Receives Unofficial HD Enhancement Pack

Carl Williams writes, "In the news recently we have seen Nintendo cracking down on ROM distribution sites. This is unfortunate because without these sites preserving the history of gaming (either legally or not) we might not have improvements on those classics such as this HD enhancement pack for the original Nintendo NES. That would be a sad day."

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strayanalog85d ago

It looks pretty great to tell you the truth, but Nintendo is taking it down in 3.. 2..

triverse85d ago

It being a patch they can't really do much. Where the damage is done is in attacking the sources of getting the required ROM file.

They could still do something though as this is Nintendo...

-Foxtrot85d ago

*Nintendo senses tingle*

"Something awful has just happened"

vladstad84d ago

is that tingle in their ass cause they always seem butthurt

Imortus_san85d ago

Put it on the Zx Spectrum Next.

triverse85d ago

Did you see the Castlevania game that was ported to the Spectrum years ago?

Imortus_san84d ago

Yup, really good, and the Sonic game too. I have most of the Zx Spectrum collection, missing about 5 computers in all, and I'm buying a Zx-Go+ so I can play the Zx Spectrum next games in all its glory.