Sorry, Destiny 2, I just play Warframe now

"One game costs 60 bucks, the other is free. One game looks like a series of gorgeous sci-fi book covers brought to life, the other looks like a fetish convention in space. The first game has a sprawling plot and characters voiced by famous actors, the other is a mess of made-up words and weird, unexplained factions. In spite of all this, Destiny 2 is dead to me, and Warframe is standing on its corpse looking cool with a samurai sword." - Tom Senior

Surt1870d ago

No one plays that crap. Both of em. But by player count alone I'm sure destiny comes out on top.

Zeref1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

You'd be wrong. WARFRAME is free to play and has been growing like crazy. Last reported player count for Destiny 2 on PC was 35000, and about 130.000 on both Xbox and playstation(not combined). That was back in 2017. According to Steamcharts WARFRAME has 120.000 monthly players on PC recently. And that's not counting the standalone client. We don't know the console monthly active players yet but The reported total players is 38million(including console and pc) since march 2018. The total sales of Destiny 2 are around 5.5 million.

So no. Destiny 2 doesn't have anywhere near the player count of WARFRAME if even half of those players aren't playing.


did you even read past the first sentence?

JesusBuiltmyHotrod1870d ago

PC lol..most destiny players are on Console.

Rude-ro1870d ago

Your numbers are off.
There has been a constant 850,000 pve daily players on d2.
Mainly ps4, than Xbox and pc.
Using a free to play downloaded number tells you nothing other than people tried it.
Not sure if there are full on current trackers fro warframe, but from steam it is 77,000 average players.

Zeref1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )


Stating 850k without source means nothing.


PapaBop1870d ago

His source was DestinyTracker, the number is weird because Guardian.gg reported roughly half that number.

Rude-ro1870d ago

Did you really just say “without a source”?
When you yourself listed numbers with no source?
I used the steam tracker for warframe, I used destiny tracker for destiny.
As far guardian gg ... never use that site. But their numbers are based on pvp. So the “half the numbers” comes from crucible only players.
Where did you get your numbers? Because there are no links in your post.

thekhurg1870d ago

Both games are freaking boring and a waste of time and energy.

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OnlyThoseOnTheFence1870d ago

Try educating yourself next time you think about talking

SoulMikeY1870d ago

This guys plays overly repetitive shooter-looter shit.

LucasRuinedChildhood1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

I played a decent amount of Warframe (although the Warframe community would swear that you have to play the game for over 200 hours to claim that or to be permitted an opinion). Not my thing. Most of the content in the first few hours is the same mediocre missions from when the game originally launched. They've built content exclusively for people who've played the game for hundreds of hours with no regard for new players. I can't be bothered to play a game for 25+ hours for it to get good. To me, life's too short for that but no disrespect to those who like it. It has its appeal.

OnlyThoseOnTheFence1870d ago

" Most of the content in the first few hours is the same mediocre missions from when the game originally launched."

Did you even think about this comment? Why would any dev team go back and re-create the beginning hours of their game instead of adding to it? It's part of the story FFS, it has to stay as-is. This isn't Destiny where the "story" is so empty and lifeless than they can go back to the drawing board.

Born2Game831870d ago

@OnlyThoseOnTheFence think before you type. Its not part of the story. It's just to make the game longer than it seems. Filer nothing more. And I've played both. D2 is crap right now and Warframe for a free game is good...... only if you like repetitive shooter looter games.

Elwenil1870d ago

Actually you are wrong. The entire starting quest "Vor's Prize" was released in Update 14 in July of 2014. So while it was early by today's standards, it was not anything like what Warframe was like when it first launched. There were no quests when Warframe first launched in March of 2013. As for "content exclusively for people who've played the game for hundreds of hours with no regard for new players", this is completely baseless and if you had actually played Warframe and spoken to any high level players they would have told you the exact opposite and that there is no "endgame" or challenging high-end content. Most updates are lower level quests and places like the open world map, Plains of Eidolon, which is pretty low level and aside from the Tridolon fight, is all very basic stuff that is no challenge to players with experience and good builds. Most content released for Warframe in recent years is designed to draw in new players rather than keep veterans playing, which is a concern for a lot of us older players.

Make no mistake, Warframe is a grinding game and it is repetitive especially if you have bad luck or are behind in your prayers to RNGesus. Some rare items will drop for you in a hurry and you will wonder what all the fuss is about, others you will grind for days and not get what you want. Luckily there is the trading market where you can sell some of the items you don't want for Platinum to buy what you want from other players with better luck or you can trade outright. But the game is designed to prey on your frustration in getting things quickly so that you will want to spend money to support the game and take a few "shortcuts" to get what you want.

At the end of the day, Warframe is really no worse than Destiny 1 or 2 as far as the grind and there is not much difference in running 20 excavation missions and running a raid over and over hoping that the one weapon or relic you want will drop. I've had a lot of fun with Warframe and, in my opinion and many, many others, it's still the absolute best free to play game in existence. The dev listens to the players, they make changes based on what the players want and while they can't cater to everyone and some things can't always be changed to suit because it will "break the game", they do a very good job of supplying regular content on a timely basis and so far have been good at keeping the game somewhat fresh with new missions, modes and quests. The recent reveal of Fortuna, the second open world style map, the Railjack ship and other tidbits from Tennocon 2018 have a lot of people looking forward to the new additions, if not the grind to obtain them.

TheSaint1870d ago

Are all games you dislike 'shit'?

King_Noctis1870d ago

For those who are “single player only gamer”, you’d be surprised at how good Warframe is.