Sony Reserves Right To Spy On Gamers

October 21, 2008 - Can you hear me now? Good...because so can Sony. The electronics mega-giant released its new Terms of Service for the PlayStation Network (PSN) this week, and its one of the few times you may actually want to stop to read the fine print.

The new service agreement states that Sony is allowed to not only listen in but also record any activity that occurs through the PSN. But the Big Brother treatment doesn't stop there either. Any data collected during the monitoring sessions, such as the location of your activities, as well as your Online ID and IP addresses, can and will be used to enforce the rules and regulations stated in the service agreement.

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Lolliflop Lolliflop 3676d ago

This will ensure Xturds in disguise are rooted out and sent back to their Sheds

ruibing3676d ago

While I wouldn't go that far, I believe this is their way of ensuring user generated contents and social gaming stays fun and safe.

ravinshield3675d ago

careful sony fangirls, you dont want to get caught talking to ur boyfriends online

norkee3676d ago

With home creeping up on it's open beta, sony needs to be prepared to maintain the integrity of the experience. You don't want it to be ruined by the porn freaks, cheaters, and hackers.

ThatCanadianGuy3676d ago

Exactly what i was thinking,smart move by Sony.I guess they thought it all out..

comm133676d ago

Also games such as LBP need that control, wouldn't want some a-hole to make inappropriate levels with their own pictures and so on (ex. a racist level).

yamamoto1143676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Supposedly, this control could be one of the trump cards PSN has over Xbox Live. Sure, Live is a great service, and I love it a lot, but it's not the service itself that's the problem, it's the people that use it. They ruin it for everyone else, and Microsoft doesn't really seem to do anything about it. This is a GOOD thing, PSN members, and it might possibly be the very thing that will push PSN forward into greater popularity.

You know, World of Warcraft does the same thing. Every message sent is logged, every account access is logged, everything is logged and monitored and stored. But the Blizzard employees NEVER look at the logs unless prompted to, such as when a player reports another player for rude behavior or racist remarks; the person could then go in, flip through the logs and see what's been said, then determine what the punishment, if any, should be.

I'm sure Sony's thinking of doing the same thing. The information only gets accessed when the need arises.

JBaby3433676d ago

This will help maintain the quality of the service and I think it's a good thing. Well said by all of you. Bubbles.

ajeben8093676d ago

im all for this. they can listen into my stuff whenever they want, it wont effect me, if it makes the PSN better moderated then go for it! actually glad they have these powers now

ThanatosDMC3676d ago

Probably has to do with PSP also. PSP on PSN with new Terms of Agreement means no more custom firmware!

As long as it's for the gamer's best interests, then that's fine by me.

robep33675d ago

Hearing how some idiots behave on xbox live!!!!


aceitman3675d ago

what xbox live is also doing to the service to stop all the people that want to ruin the online play because it got to the point where i dont want to hear anyone because of someone cursing people being rude because they cant play or someone is not as good as them or because of there ethnic background i welcome it with open arms to help make it a better experience down with the haters and bring on the gamers who want to have fun and get pawned or do the pawning

Dino3675d ago

but so are the safety nets to keep freaks and a-holes from ruining our online experiences(cheaters,pedophile s so on and so forth). If your not up to no good you shouldn't worry. It's when they tap my phone I'll cry foul.

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Raoh3676d ago

it's not a big deal, its natural progression of business and protection of said business..

before the sony haters jump on this article

microsoft too was just granted a patent that allowed it to monitor your conversations and bleep/replace your words with their own words or sound effects.. the article is posted here on n4g somewhere..

google and other companies are all doing it

not only is big brother a reality its enevitable..

but.. if your not doing anything wrong or harassing people.. you have nothing to worry about

Cenobia3675d ago

I like it when they watch....


Lord Shuhei Yoshida3676d ago

We are watching you xbots.Your time is up.Surrender now.

MAiKU3676d ago

Once again another site tries to bring sony down in a way i guess. I see this as good news though.

But to tell you the truth, i haven't heard of any crap via talks on my bluetooth headset.

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