Video games magazines and me

"It's fun to read angry reviews of rubbish things. But enthusiasm reads great, too. It's why all those annual Best-Ofs or All-Time Top Tens are so satisfying. It's a thrill to see someone take things so brilliant and familiar, and coil them into two or three sentences that spring on reading. Which I suppose is a bit like my love for video game magazines in general. Because even if you gouge the video and the game out of video games, reading about them is still a pleasure. Not just a proxy fun of games relayed and recounted, but games refracted - through an old-school static of fixed words and printed pictures - into something different and awesome and new." - Omar Hafeez-Bore, Eurogamer

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NecrumOddBoy59d ago

It's truly sad to see print dying.

bigmalky59d ago

The internet killed everything good.

SickSinceSix59d ago

I quit buying game magazines when they stopped coming with demo discs.

Einhander197159d ago

The only magazine I buy now is RETRO GAMER. The covers some months are so brilliant that’s reason to buy before I even open it. There is something about seeing the games you love in glossy print it’s almost as satisfying as playing them lol.

CobraKai59d ago

I used to collect some, just cuz the cover art was amazing but now, there’s just so much more detailed information and screens on the internet. By the time the print goes out, the story has already broken.

I do miss those days when I’d get a magazine and on the cover would be a brand new console announced. Those were the days.

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The story is too old to be commented.