Shadow of the Tomb Raider's New Trailer Shows Lara Croft's Deadly Enemies

Lara Croft will have to face many deadly enemies during Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and today's brand new trailer is all about them.

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windblowsagain155d ago

Gone off tombraider. Shame. love the old ones best.

jc12155d ago

When it gets down to $20-25 used on Amazon, I may give it a look.

Tzuno155d ago

They need to stop this Hollywood garbage and return to the roots.

lazyboyblue155d ago

Are you having a laugh?
They ditched big tits and bigger guns for something real and visceral and fun to play.
I love the Tomb raider reboots. They're the thinking man's uncharted. Slower and more thoughtful but still in the Uncharted mould.

demtata1155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Bwahahha! Yes i am having a laugh! At what you said mostly. There is barely any thinking in modern/old TR old or uncharted :), and its pretty laughable to think otherwise. Having grown up talk in a game doesnt make it any more mature. Especially uncharted.

Calling old school TR big tits and guns isnt even an insult. Its still far more interesting than anything uc or modern tr could dream of. I fought freakin t rexes in giant mazes in the old games. You walked through some of the most boring, micheal bay levels of low-thought set pieces and explosions that a toddler would scoff at. Now get back to your "thinking" mans uncharted that a brain dead fetus could comprehend. Ill stick to real creativity.
Also its uncharted that fits in tomb raiders mode, since it ripped off 99% of old school tomb raide. Although i know the sony ponies pathetically think anything naughty dog did in the last 8 years has a shred of originality. But fiction will remain fiction

SamPao155d ago

wont watch :D I wanna be surprised. Cant wait for the release!