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As a piece of hardware designed for the core gamer and die-hard fan, it's been a little surprising how little Sony has leveraged PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of ultra-desirable, collector-centric special release consoles - a situation it aims to put right with the imminent release of the 500 Million Limited Edition.

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Matrix6114d ago

As beautiful as it is, it attracts all the ugliest surrounding it including dust, finger prints and scuff markings/light scratches.

Razzer114d ago

Stuff and scratches? Did you put yours on the floor or something?

Sarah_Ch114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

The glossy part gets hairline scratches easily.

darthv72114d ago

It prob wont be long before a third party releases clear shells for the PS4 like they have done with systems in the past. I have a blue one for the original xbox and it looks cool af!

jimbost79114d ago

Have you got one? Thought its not released til the 24th in the uk.

Matrix6114d ago

I watched a detailed unboxing video from Digital foundry, they show clearly show what will happen upon handling the console. They weren't trying to hide it or anything as it's also expected.

It's a great looking piece of hardware, I'm truly looking forward to receiving mine ^_^

xX-oldboy-Xx114d ago

That DF video is a travesty, first they downplay the price saying you can get X fir same money. Then they bark more than once about scratches and fingerprints, when anyone with half a brain won't A, be using it as a day to day console, B, and if you were, you wouldn't take the protective film off. Personally mine is staying boxed.

And he says it has a nice bronze accent on the front, that's the limited edition number plate numb skull.

I can't stand Richard, sounds like Elmer fud, looks like Elmer fud, but he ain't hunting rabbits.

jimbost79114d ago

Yea i seen that video. I got mine preordered. Mine will be staying boxed and sealed too.

OB1Biker114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

IMO they actually downplayed the X in showing what a fantastic console you could have instead.
Just my opinion, don't come at me warring flak people haha

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OB1Biker114d ago

Its not like your supposed to cuddle it and fiddle with all the time. DF seemed clear enough IMO. Its fantastic as a deluxe LE console.

xX-oldboy-Xx114d ago

OB1Biker : you're allowed your opinion mate, I didn't take it that way.

I just think they missed how significant this release is. It's a MILESTONE for a company that entered a 2 horse race with no experience and changed gaming forever.

The ONLY thing mentioned in the video should have been PS4 and Sony. It's a celebratory release, it should be celebrated.

I have a strong dislike for DF and Richard. DF don't have integrity and he is just annoying.

OB1Biker114d ago

Yea you got a point there and in that there's more than the hard ware here. It's a very symbolic edition that is worth more that a standard factory machine. They definitely should have emphasized it more than just a hardware piece.

Silly gameAr114d ago

That will definitely collect fingerprints if a person uses it for anything other than a collectors item, but it looks really nice though.

I want that controller.

Crazyglues114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

OMG, OMG... Why did I watch this, I want one so bad now... Looks so badass I love it... As far as Finger prints and dust that's really not that serious, you can just do this --problem solved--

Or just buy a hydrophobic spray from amazon-- done --

I mean how often are you touching your PS4 Pro, and that spray will solve all your issues, I hardly ever... turn it on with controller, and off with controller, have it standing up beside my Monitor.. hardly ever has dust and when it does, it's a simple vacuum, once or twice every 3 months max...

Guys seriously this looks amazing.. Love the Controller.... too --Looks Awesome-- 2TB is the perfect hard-drive size have one in my PS4 Pro, could not be happier... They did an Awesome job on this one...

Dam just looks a lot better in the video then I thought it was going to look...

xX-oldboy-Xx114d ago

The controller is up for preorder now in Aus, should be up soon everywhere else.