Who Has The Upper Hand This Holiday: PS4, Xbox One, or Switch?

The three consoles get ready to do battle this Holiday season, but which one will come out on top?

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Ninja_Ryu63d ago

The PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Brazz62d ago

I agree, ps4 and switch are in very good places. Both are great options that have strong games for holiday, they are going to sell very well.

Skull52161d ago

I’d say not Switch. Red Dead Redemption 2 will be the game of the holiday season and you can’t get it on Switch. Gonna get the best quality version myself on XBOX.

Babadook761d ago (Edited 61d ago )

The X1X version will of course be 99% the same as the Pro version. Probably why no one bothered to buy an x. Just not worth the extra $. Selling poor and this holiday will be the same.

monkey60261d ago

Sorry Skull but I think you may be forgetting about Pokemon and Smash Bros.

I think the PS4 will still be in a strong position with Spiderman too, even if it has been put a couple of months by then

Skull52161d ago

The power difference between XBO and PS4 was roughly the same as XBOX and PS4 Pro. Were the versions 99% the same? XBOX also has an extra 4 gigs of RAM to tap into, and when used properly the versions are definitely different, look at Shadow of War, it is probably the shining example of what can be accomplished on PS4 Pro vs XBOX in multiplatform games. We'll see what Rockstar chooses to do with all the extra resources.

conanlifts61d ago (Edited 61d ago )


"The power difference between XBO and PS4 was roughly the same as XBOX and PS4 Pro"

I never understand why people think this. The OG Xbox and PS4 had the same % difference in GPU power, yes. The OG ps4 also had faster ram. But the Xbox to compensate had a CPU clocked 10% faster and esram to try and make up the memory difference. The PS4 was clearly more powerful, but the gap was smaller than between the x and pro.
The X has more memory, which is also faster. It has a 10% faster CPU, it has double the cache bandwidth for GPU and CPU and the GPU has roughly the same power gap as the OG xbox and OG PS4. So compared to the original consoles it has performance increases across the board, rather than 10% less CPU speed and 40% increased GPU etc. A console is the sum of all its parts.

Sorry this is just something that irritates me. I play on both consoles and we all know what the PS4 has that the xbox doesn't, but I also think we shouldn't understate the difference between these consoles.

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joab77761d ago

I’ll say Switch b/c at this point I think everyone owns a PS4 already lol!

FinalFantasyFanatic61d ago

Maybe the PS4 will have more software sales and the Switch will sell the most hardware, the PS4 does have an insane catalogue and Nintendo is defiantly on their way to building their's too.

badz14961d ago

people bought 155mil PS2s back then. but now 10 years later, 85mil PS4 means everybody already has one? nice logic you have there

G3ng4r61d ago

Ps4 will never hit ps2 numbers in the end. Too many of those sales was for the cheapest dvd player on the market. Switch has the holidays in a bag with smash and pokemon as well as odyssey and botw's sales to new customers.

RosweeSon61d ago

Couldn’t agree more Sony have some fantastic games coming spiderman etc and a quality back catalogue Nintendo are dropping new Pokemon’s and SMASH (can’t wait for that one)

wonderfulmonkeyman61d ago

Pretty much this.
I think Smash is going to pull the most hype and sales, though.
Sakurai had been making too many killer moves with Ultimate announcements lately for it to not come out on top, in my opinion.

lipton10161d ago

Switch has smash and Mario party coming out. Meaning I’ll be using mine again, for the first time in about 6 months, for about 5 hours before it returns to collect dust.

Oh, and PS4 has Spider-Man coming out.

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Neonridr63d ago

Switch has Smash, which is going to be one of the hottest items no doubt.

joab77761d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Never got into it, but I’m more for new games like Spider-Man, RDR2 and things that aren’t just rehashes really. But to each their own!

Realplaya61d ago

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first spide man and red dead game.

RosweeSon61d ago

I’ll be playing all 3 smash is a fantastic game and this version will no doubt be one of the best I didn’t really play Wii u version but the 3ds version was great and as the games only come out once a generation not once a year always got time for gaming gold like smash but then last red dead redemption 1 ;) was fantastic and rockstar always make amazing single player games onlines are a bonus for me. Spider man should be amazing tho.

EddieNX 61d ago

Excellent subtle trolling there .

Regardless of your opinion of Smash brothers , it's the best fighting game there is. Try PlayStation all stars battle royale, youll love that...

Skull52161d ago

Regardless of your opinion of smash brothers, it isn’t even in the running for the best fighting game there is.

TekoIie61d ago

"I'm for new games like this one that based of a franchise that's decades old and this other one that's got the number 2 at the end."

+1 for effort.

Neonridr61d ago

we are talking about the holidays. I am super excited for Spiderman, but I don't think 3 months later it will be selling as well, just my two cents there.

badz14961d ago (Edited 61d ago )


I'm not referencing GTA V here because that game is an anomaly but this year God of War has proven that it's possible for a great game to keep selling well for months. Crash did amazing too on PS4 last year so...there's no indication that Spidey won't do the same. it's even outpacing BFV in pre-orders at the moment, so all signs are pointing towards great things waiting for Spidey

wonderfulmonkeyman61d ago

If you think this smash is just a rehash, you haven't been paying attention.XD

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Ratchet7561d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Will it be enough against rdr2, Spider-Man PS4....
Smash is an outstanding game but I can't help feeling I LL be way to drawn into these beautiful world's to be bothered playing with smash, especially if it s just a rehash of a game I have played extensively on my WiiU.

RosweeSon61d ago

Fair play I didn’t play hardly any on Wii u out loads of hours into 3ds version but still really looking forward to switch version gonna be epic especially as it’s on switch best of both worlds and all character ever and some plus loads of tweaks no doubt I did play loads of mario kart 8 on Wii u still bought that and actually preferred it and put more hours in on switch.

Shiken61d ago

Well this is not a port or rehash of Smash WiiU, it is Smash 5.

You either do not know that and speek before making anything outside of base assumptions or you are simply trying to downplay the game for whatever reason.

Glad I have a PS4 and a Switch. No need to feel bitter about not getting a game on my end!

InKnight7s61d ago

Where can I buy Smash in Switch now?

Shiken61d ago

The discussion is about holiday sales...Smash lands holiday 2018...

Adnanilyas2161d ago

and Pokemon. going to sell like hot cakes. Most Pokemon games come out in November and always end up sellibg atleast 5 million towards the end of the year

FinalFantasyFanatic61d ago

This gen's Smash is shaping up to be pretty great, the character rooster is huge, even the director doesn't think they'll be able to repeat it in the sequels.

masterfox61d ago

just one game pay 300 plus dlls a nice total of almost 400 dlls with taxes, hmmm sure it is the most "Intelligent " option right , people just think about yours pocket/wallet future and the consoles future which you are about to buy.

lipton10161d ago

Smash is not a game that most people will put more than 10 hours into. I play it when friends are over and then the switch will go back to the dock for an indeterminate amount of time

Neonridr61d ago

Smash isn't for "most" people though. Casuals don't really play that game.

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ZaWarudo62d ago

Smash Ultimate is the only game i'm buying day one this holiday. Everything else is a bargain bin wait, which won't be long because sales and price drops happens quickly nowadays.

sampsonon62d ago

no price drops for Spider Man for a long while I'm afraid to say :)
but please, enjoy the children's game.

NotoriousWhiz61d ago

If you think Smash is a children's game, then you've never played it. At least not seriously. Children can play it, sure. But it takes an adult to master it.

Gemmol61d ago

You talking crazy, even horizon drop 20 dollars after a month, Sony games never stay 60 for long most consumers buy the games the first two weeks and it slow down by week 3 or 4 so they end up on sale not too long after

Shiken61d ago

I am getting Smash day one. The other games can wait.

I just started Persona 5, so my PS4 will be focused on that for some time lol. I also have Monster Hunter World and Assassins Creed Origins in my backlog as well.

wonderfulmonkeyman61d ago

An ironically childish comment.
But please, keep pretending Smash won't sell far more. It'll help you sleep at night, I'm sure, to think that playing Spider-Man makes you a more mature gamer.XD

Neonridr61d ago

lol, Smash a kids game? GTFO here.

sampsonon61d ago

@Neonridr: the game is kids friendly, sorry you don't understand this fact https://www.commonsensemedi...

spider man ps4 http://www.playstationlifes...

so yeah, enjoy the children's game.

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FinalFantasyFanatic61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

I'm not really into to Spider Man or Red Dead Redemption either, I do want Smash but I don't own a Switch yet, most of my friends are getting Spider Man. I still have plenty of other PS4 games, I got a heap on price drop sale, and I see psn has a sale on a few games I want as well, so I'm not starved for games as it is.

jznrpg61d ago

Smash is a kids game to me too and I have played it.

Neonridr61d ago

please elaborate. I see all those 7 year olds travelling the Smash circuits too.

sampsonon60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

@Neonridr: "please elaborate. I see all those 7 year olds travelling the Smash circuits too."

the point is men playing chlidren's games happen when they choose Nintendo as their main console.
just because manchildren play a game doesn't mean it's for adults it just means adults play a children's game.

own it. i don't understand why people that know they're playing a child's game, whether it's fun or not, can't just accept the fact that if it has a 10 + rating it means it was made for children or they would have adult themes like blood, realistic violence ect.

if i liked children's games and someone pointed that fact out i would accept that reality and say "sure i do , it's a fun game."

nothing wrong with that.

lipton10161d ago

It sounds more like you’re making excuses for being broke and not being able to afford other games

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Apocalypse Shadow62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Do we even have to guess?

Let's ask Stan Lee what he would say.

pinkystinkinc62d ago

Stan LEE: Are you my nurse?
Rabid Fan: yes can i get an autograph signed to ebay
Stan LEE: bend over

JunkieJedi61d ago

I think you might mean "Excelsior"

rainslacker61d ago

I did.....I typed that originally, so I guess auto-correct changed it.:(

Apocalypse Shadow61d ago

Lol. Don't you love auto correct?


CP_Company62d ago

PS4, of course. there is no doubt about that.

Lokii62d ago

Of course you would have doubts.

sampsonon62d ago

most people that don't own a ps4 do :)

MasterCornholio62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Of course you have droughts if you don’t own one.


Why o why61d ago

Lol retro +1 to master corn

It's out of Nintendo and Sony plain and simple

Dragonscale61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

@thex, no you lot have droughts lol.

meshowz61d ago

You have Doughnuts you mean yah?

SuperSonic9161d ago

Yes indeed.
Switch has a very long drought...

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