Horror Fighter 'Omen of Sorrow' is Spooky Punchy Fun | COGconnected

Omen of Sorrow looks to scare up some fun in a brand new fighting game, and this monster mash could be a sleeper hit.

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gangsta_red151d ago

Looks like a step above Fighting EX Layer

Chevalier150d ago

Fighting EX Layer combos better and seems better overall. The EVO tourney was great.

gangsta_red150d ago

It was cool, but the movements and play style is ridiculously old school, reminded me of early 3D fighting games.

Chevalier150d ago

Omen of sorrows running looks off and the combos seemed kind of plain from that trailer imho

LgbtWarrior150d ago

Looks cool. Hope it turns out well.

PurpHerbison150d ago

Looks like an awesome casual fighter.