Star Wars: The Old Republic - A New Hope for Star Wars Fans

TenTonHammer writes: "For a decade, massively multiplayer online games have been entertaining hundreds of thousands of gamers on a daily basis. These massive virtual worlds are embodiments of the fictional lands that we've always dreamed of exploring - from the hallowed grounds of Middle Earth to the war torn lands of Azeroth - and every year gamers spend countless hours dreaming of how they might change their favorite novel into a massively multiplayer online game. While thousands of intellectual properties are considered for MMOG treatment, only a few ever get the funding and the creative team on board to actually turn them into a full-blown AAA MMOG.

So when Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts announced in mid-2000 that they were creating a MMORPG based on the Star Wars universe, the majority of the gaming industry believed that Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) would be the game that would push MMOG gaming into popular culture."

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