Ready at Dawn CEO: The Order: 1886 Sales Have Been Steady; We'd Like to go Back to High-Budget Games

Ready at Dawn CEO Ru Weerasuriya commented on the steady The Order: 1886 sales and said the studio would like to make another triple-A game.

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codelyoko155d ago

Criminally underrated game. I wish them the best.

Nitrowolf2154d ago

I really do hope Sony gives th m another go at The Order sequel. Despite its flaws the game has some major potential.

PhantomS42154d ago

It really does and while many flaws were valid most of the hate came from it being a shorter story focused game for $60. It probably would have been received a lot better for $40 at launch. I think a sequel would really give the devs a chance to let that potential out and really deliver the experience they wanted to.

GTgamer154d ago

Sony will definitely give them another shot but will the gamers me personally yes but it better be longer

Skull521154d ago Show
Grown Folks Talk154d ago

My biggest issue was the fact you could legit beat it in one sitting in a few hours, & the werewolves, which were supposed to be the biggest deal, were the easiest enemies to beat.

Muzikguy154d ago


You come across as one of the most clueless people on this site. Give your hatred a rest dude. Not a single person acts as if the game is the second coming of Christ. It’s definitelu not a polished turd. Must be hard to recognize things though when you live in such a tiny box. Maybe MS offers better games for you, then stick to all your fun games and quit being ignorant

3-4-5154d ago

The thing is....the story in this game is only like 3 hours shorter than an Uncharted game, and nobody complains about that.

jimbost79154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

@Muzikguy you're right. This skull guy is toxic.

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Agreed...Sony should give them another chance. I personally loved the game.

playnice154d ago

Another chance at a AAA whether it's a sequel or a new IP either way I'd be happy :)

Shiken154d ago

Same here, so much untapped potential. It was a bit on the short side sure, but the gunplay was top notch.

derek154d ago

Not without new management and oversight.

Jinger154d ago

I don't think it's criminally underrated. Nor underrated in the slightest. The game has a lot of fundamental gaming and story telling problems.

I absolutely love the setting and premise though and really hope they get to make a sequel to flesh it out and improve on everything.

ziggurcat154d ago

"The game has a lot of fundamental gaming and story telling problems..."

such as... ?

jc12154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

@Ziggurcat: Really? Just click on metacritic. You'll have your answer in 5 seconds.

Jinger154d ago


Did you play the game? If you had then you'd have experienced the mediocre cover shooting, the badly implemented boss sections that were just repeated multiple times. Then the story was rushed and glossed over a lot with a lot of anticlimactic sections like the vampires in the warehouse.

It's fine if you liked the game, I still did enjoy it for what it was. That's why i hope it gets a sequel to flesh out and improve.

ziggurcat154d ago

"Did you play the game?"

Yes. I have the platinum, in fact.

What about the cover shooting made it "mediocre"? It felt like normal cover shooting like you would find in Gears or Uncharted to me. The story complaints aren't entirely valid as it was planned to be a trilogy - you don't go into the first episode of a series expecting everything to be explained or tied up in a nice little bow for you at the end of the first episode. That would defeat the whole purpose of having a series.

The game was fine, and a lot better than everyone was making it out to be. The only real valid criticisms were perhaps the length (which wasn't an issue for me, really), and the boss variety.

OB1Biker154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Game has flaws. Like many games have flaws. How much you enjoyed a game is personal point of view though. People keep saying reviews are just an opinion. Go all the way in that logic and allow people to say a game is underrated. There's no telling this or that are facts anyway

TekoIie154d ago


No it's cover system is not as good as Gears. Sorry but Gears cover system has some unique mechanics that were kinda accidental (in the way wave dashing is in Smash Bros Melee).

To give an example here is what it looks like if you try wallbouncing in The Order:

"The story complaints aren't entirely valid as it was planned to be a trilogy"

Load of crap. If your opening games story is lackluster then why should I care about your sequel? Oh my bad guys I'd rate the game badly but it's the first in a trilogy so my opinion is wrong because of 2 more games that currently don't exist.... /s

It uses some very interesting ideas for it Lore but most of it is only skin deep. But it's dressed up well with good acting, a well written script, solid animation and good graphics which gives the illusion of having a good narrative. As I've said though these are only skin deep and the things that truly make the game like the level design, enemy variety, ai and general lack of content is where it completely fails

A sequel isn't what's needed but a reboot that intertwines itself with the Orders origin with Arthur Pendragon and also in the setting of 1886. Don't just insist on name dropping historical figures in such a shallow way. Make them the core of the world and not just filler.

rainslacker154d ago

I felt the gun play was the best part of the game play to be honest. The game mechanics did have their flaws elsewhere, and I can point them out better than most who seem to just hate on the game, and will easily agree about the boss fights, but even that highlights the game was unfinished and rushed out the door.

That being said, the story elements weren't really a problem. Or at least, I felt that the game was unfinished, which left parts of the story unfinished. But what was there was good enough. I've seen much weaker stories in the first entry to a new IP which were no where close to as good as The Order. Things like Gears of War which pretty bare bones and really just a set up for the next gun sections. UC1(which had a cursory story in the first game, although likable characters). The tomb raider reboot, which didn't improve with the 2nd game. List could go on, but I don't really want to start a flame war by citing different games.

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-Foxtrot154d ago

Underrated but it had its faults

If they marketed the game with how it was then I don’t think as many people would have as felt let down

rainslacker154d ago

I don't know if it was under rated. It did have some flaws and was released unfinished. But I felt that the hate it got was unjustified, and many people made it out to be much worse than it really was while usually disregarding the actual good things it did.

I still kind of know who hasn't played it when they say the actual game play was bad, because the game play itself was pretty damn solid.

Otherwise, I wish them the best too. I would like to see them get a shot at making a sequel. I'd imagine if they don't have to worry about making the engine with a 2nd game, maybe they can focus on the game.

medman154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Not that anybody gives a crap, but here were some of my thoughts on The Order:1886 after playing it when it came out.... (Spoilers for those who still haven't played???)

I definitely think Ready at Dawn missed an opportunity to dive deep into the lore and give us much more of the backstory of all the Knights, and their histories. When you consider all their eyes must have seen in the hundreds of years they've been alive, I was disappointed we didn't get to learn much more about them, particularly Igraine. I liked the game overall though, just needed a few things to make it great, like a deeper look into the characters, more collectibles, and less handholding/on rails gameplay.

I was not happy with Galahad when he decided not to take Igraine and Lafayette (now Percival) to the East India Company, but instead took the Knight commander. And after discovering the shipping containers full of lycans, how could he not tell the knights, particularly Igraine, who he's presumably been fighting alongside for centuries, what was going on?? Igraine deserved to know. So now Grayson (Galahad no more) becomes one of the rebels? Loved no more, now hated by Igraine? Still respected and given the benefit of the doubt by Lafayette (Percival)? I too, look forward to a sequel, perhaps dlc??? (DLC never came, sequel is doubtful, so I am not thrilled, but damn if the story told didn't make me give a damn about some of these characters)

Shineon154d ago Show
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italiangamer155d ago

Come on Sony, give them a second chance. Hopefully they let them make a sequel on PS5.

LavaLampGoo155d ago

I thinking 1886 came out now it would have a different, more positive response. The ending was still pants though

Rimeskeem154d ago

I personally liked the ending. Made me want a sequel.

ccgr155d ago

Haven't played that one yet

MrVux000154d ago

C'mon give us a redeemable only wish is that they give us a new setting aswell, preferably in India...

rainslacker154d ago

Going by the ending, it would probably be in the US.