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Confrontation tries to re-create the wire-tight combat that made the SOCOM series so popular, but as of now, it hasn't succeeded. There are excellent moments to be found, and the heart of the action still beats strongly. However, the positive elements are overshadowed by pervasive network problems. Folks interested in accessorizing can pick up the Bluetooth headset retail bundle for $59.99 (the headset alone retails for $49.99) and get the game for cheap, but even at the discounted download price of $39.99, Confrontation is hard to recommend.

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ultimolu3701d ago

At it again PoG?
I hope I don't hear you saying that PS3 fans are always invading 360 articles when you're doing the same thing.

3701d ago
Rob0g0rilla3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Like Agent said...well done.

You're on a roll kid. You act like a kid and your being treated like one.

adalwolfe3701d ago

good man power of green i agree 100%.

Sony fans actually think R2 will be good because it has a lot of players. Where in reality it just means there will be a lot of lag.

psiom3701d ago

Heh...and he took bubbles from me for good measure.


darkequitus3701d ago

I, being bipartizan, there is no need for this. by acting inthis way you have no graounds to critisize any fanboy of trolling.

I spen 50/50 time in USA/UK and currently in TN I cannot log into SOCOM for Sh!t. I had the sam problem with Warhawk. However, anyone who has played Clearsky on the PC knows with every patch you have to start the game all over again. So SOCOM's problems are nothing when put into perspective. Granted, this should not happen. In an ideal world it should work out of the box. Bt going away from the point.

Do not Troll.

darkequitus: XBL(UK)/PSN(UK/VivaNashVegas(U S/Steam/XFire/WoW

BattleAxe3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

So many people are playing this game and so many others will buy it. Bullshit reviews from bullshit sites like Gamespot and GameDaily won't change anybodies mind on this game. The maps are amazing and the gameplay is superior to most games out there. CoD4, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Socom are the three best games out there.

Firstkn1ghT3701d ago

Damn that's a horrible score for one of the biggest games for Sony...Oh well, you still have Motorstorm 2.....Oh wait.... ;)

Delive3701d ago

But bringing R2 into this? I'm in the beta for it and I don's see anything that will compare to it as far as sheer scale and immersion. The beta is Lag free every time I play it and a blast. The 360 will have it's gears 2 (which I have pre ordered) and the PS3 will have it's R2 (Which I have pre ordered). I'm going to win come November 4th and again on the 7th. Slant 6 may not have been the right answer for Socom. People shooting down R2 because of Socom's faults are not good for unbiased discussions.

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GiantEnemyCrab3701d ago

Wait, a 6.5 and no comments? What is going on here?

If this was Fable 2 the thing would be at 200 degrees.


Blademask3701d ago

The reason no one is commenting:

1. Its a MP only PSN game
2. The beta was bad.

Its a 100% fair score. These guys ruined the game.

will113701d ago

this game was bad, press agree if i made a good decision to buy LBP instead.

PoSTedUP3701d ago

this is all the game deserves right now due to a rough launch and missing features. hopefully the patch comes soon.

ultimolu3701d ago

Did you just go back on your word Crab?
What happened to not attacking PS3 games?

Lionsguard3701d ago

Because PS3 owners would agree with the score. We're not blind lemmings who defend a crappy game (Too Human luls) just because it's on our system. If it's crappy we'll call it out. Had this been LBP that gotten this score it'd be different. No one was ever banking on SOCOM to ever be GOTY or even GOTW.

Zerodin3701d ago

I never bothered looking it up. Never remember to.

GiantEnemyLobster3701d ago

Another Playstation game that got a horrible review. Why am I not suprised.

Shadow Man3701d ago

@Blademask & ultimolu he is not trolling just stating fact. Fable2 got good scores 8.5 and 9.5 scores and was called a flop. While socom gets 6.5 and yall don't say sh!t.

morganfell3701d ago

I told people last night that Crab was just desperate after getting the crap kicked out of him and that he wasn't going to change. I hope those people realize what suckers they were for believing this bot.

WIIIS13701d ago

I don't see Crab attacking a PS3 game. I see Crab criticizing the double standards of droids.

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comm133701d ago

There is a reason why I hate GS.

Socom has no server issues for me right now (did have it for the first 2 days though).

How can you decrease points for not SP?

I don't see Bioshock having points decreased for no MP.

IGN seems the only proper source for reviews, they understand that MP servers will get fixed soon (IMO they alreayd have been fixed).

I find it funny how GTA IV and COD4 did not get points taken down for the horrible MP at the begging, esp COD (worst game ever).

El_Colombiano3701d ago

One of the best posts in a while. Bubble up!

ultimolu3701d ago

This is Gamespot, what did you expect?

Isaac3701d ago

COD4? That's reaching, and the first time I heard that. Oh well, to each his own. But I agree, subtracting points for no SP and letting no MP slide for some games is ridiculous. 59 bucks should get you at least MP and SP, and just as PS3 redefined what value means for consoles, resistance 2 will do the same for games.

Anyway, this game costs 39.99, and it should be rated accordingly.

badz1493701d ago

for a MP ONLY game is kinda dumb! it's MP only and they should just review it for what it is and not bashing it for what it's not! it's like saying Bioshock is not a great game because there's no MP at all and Bioshock cost a full retail price compared to SOCOM and even Warhawk which came with a BT headset at the same price! but this is a typical GS! I would rather they wait for the server to be fixed like IGN before spewing this review!

comm133701d ago

COD had horrible problems at the begging, servers crushing, lag as hell it took a while for that to be resolved.

Even last time I played the hit detection sucked, plus no support for ps3 (rumble, host migration, trophies) has made up my mind not to ever support that horrible developer, and cod was only game of the year and so glorified by the noob because it is noob friendly and until than there was never a good shooter out there.

<--- my opinion, my experience.

MiloGarret3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Are we back to hating gamespot now people? I guess once they give an xbox game a low score they'll be "getting their act together", right?
Sigh, Socom shouldn't have been released with these issues, maybe a series of patches can fix it in the future, but as of release, it sucks ass, realize. Let me know when it's fixed and I'll buy it, right now my money is best spent elsewhere.

I actually hate Gamespot tbh, I find their reviews moronic at best.

Daurelus173700d ago

ya its a bad review. all in all the only site i take with a grain of salt is IGN. n i havent seen their review yet and they might be a reason for that.

if the games bad then o well..wait for the next shooter since so many are coming out soon. dont have to make a list cuz everyone is talking about them already

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Homicide3701d ago

I guess the score is fair. I love the game and all. It's very fun, but the server problems really kill it. Also the game seems to freeze a couple of times. But when it works, it is simply one of the most addicting games to come out on the PS3.

comm133701d ago

Servers work fine now, freezing was caused by the servers as well. foo

NegativeCreepWA3701d ago

I played it today and it froze on me every time I would play a few rounds.

comm133701d ago

Scar maybe you should check your router if you have one (ports etc)?

Honest to God I ve had zero problems playing for 5 hours today on ranked servers.

NegativeCreepWA3700d ago

I direct connect my consoles and I have a great connection speed so its unlikely its a problem on my end.

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Ray1863701d ago

They really screwed this game up.