GameSpot: Silent Hill: Homecoming Review

Silent Hill: Homecoming, while quite a departure from the psychological horror that fans are used to, is still a decent, occult-themed action game that you can squeeze 10 hours of tepid enjoyment from. If, however, you're looking for a classic Silent Hill-style frightfest, you will likely be disappointed.

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Homicide3650d ago

Took them a while to review it. I disagree with the review. As a SH fan, this is a great, very fun game. The game isn't scary, but the atmosphere, music and environment are pretty creepy.

unjust3648d ago

Game reviewers are getting out of hand with how they review. They want to give SHH a 6.5 yet they generously give Saints row 2 an 8. This is garbage and it will possibly ruin any ones chance of picking the title up because they see this poor review. People this is in my mind the best in the series yet so buy it.