Nvidia’s outlook on cryptocurrency GPU sales is great news for gamers

This past year was a tough one for gamers who found themselves in need of a GPU upgrade. The cryptocurrency mining boom ravaged the consumer graphics card market, leaving in its wake depleted inventories and jacked up prices. To put it plainly, the situation sucked. It also appears to be over, at least for now, and Nvidia does not anticipate that changing in the coming months.

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Barneyco150d ago

Thats good news. I've been holding onto my 7870 for too long.

n1kki6150d ago

No one even mines with GPUs any more, it's an ASIC or bust. You can't mine enough off a GPU anymore to make it profitable.

n1kki6149d ago

Nope, the cost of hardware takes far to long to break even. If you have a gaming GPU that you use for gaming it certainly a decent idea to turn it on for mining and make some money back. But a break even on hardware will generally take are 12 -18 months in current hash difficulty and value.

Teflon02149d ago

That's why they use multiple GPUs and not a gpu

n1kki6149d ago

Doesnt matter. A buddy and I hada farm of GPUs, 60 cards. Still barely profitable. We migrated all to ASIC. It was profitable up until about 5 months ago. Multi GPU, with overclocking, plus underclock for voltage, plus electricity take almost a year to break even on the hardware. Not a good investment.

jukins150d ago

Perfect timing with both companies due to roll out new GPus and people holding off on current ones due to price hike could be a nice little crash for current GPUs well see

Barneyco150d ago

Excuse my ignorance but when are the new cards supposed to come out? I would like to get a 1070 but have to wait for lower prices.

THE-JAGON150d ago

nvidia is lunching their new series of cards the RTX 2000s this week ! but you should wait and see how much the RTX 2070 cost .

Barneyco150d ago

Thanks. I've waited this long a few more days is great.

Jinger150d ago

Good, because my GTX 960 is starting to show its age.

LrryLegend150d ago

So is my gtx 550 : / from 2011...

Jinger150d ago

Oh Lord dude. How have you managed this far? You must only play indies haha

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