Until Dawn Developer Supermassive Games Files Trademark for Shattered State

"It appears Supermassive Games is working on a new game called Shattered State according to a trademark they filed for in Europe."

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TGGJustin65d ago

Curious what this is. The trademark is being filed by the developer so it might not be a PlayStation exclusive this time. Hopefully we learn about it next week at Gamescom.

RememberThe35764d ago

If this was Sony's game they would have trademarked it. Looks like Supermassive are taking their talents multiplatform. Gotta be a scary ass exciting time for them. Good luck to em.

TGGJustin64d ago

That's exactly what I said. I said the developer trademarked it so it might not be a PlayStation exclusive.

RememberThe35764d ago

Funny. Nothing but disagrees and yet no actual reasoning... Curious.

Spurg65d ago

Until dawn was one of my favourite game this gen and I was so hooked I almost finished the game in one sitting. They nailed the atmosphere which was akin to the early resident evil and silent hill games.

Supermassive game are better than Quantic dream. Sony should stop making them do VR and instead make more games like Until dawn.

Venox200864d ago

I personally want Until dawn: rush of blood 2.. first one is one of the best VR games I played..soooo amazing

gangsta_red64d ago

I hope it's in the same style as Until Dawn. Easily one of my favorite games this gen.

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