Revisiting The Order: 1886 with developer Ready At Dawn

We look back at one of the prettiest — and shortest — PS4 exclusives

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sampsonon155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

make a sequel. take my money.

i played it with my girl on halloween with two glasses and a bottle of wine.....
we loved it. this was a year after everyone bashed it so we didn't go in with any negativity.
you would be surprised how much of a difference that makes when playing a game without all the noise.

at least make a comic or a show because i want to see what happens.

jimbost79155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

I thought it was brilliant too mate. Went in with zero expectations and thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. It looked great, played well and the story and setting were brilliant too.
The length of the game wasnt an issue for me. Id prefer quality over quantity any day of the week.
Definitely deserves a sequel.

playnice155d ago

I gotta give it a shot! Got it for dirt cheap but never opened it ...

bouzebbal155d ago

I loved it too, but full price for a couple hours and no repeatability is what caused the mixed reviews..
It's a 10/10 game for 20 bucks,that's 4 sure

Skull521155d ago

I didn't get in more than two hours before it bored me to death, I certainly never finished it. The game got the criticism it deserved, that doesn't mean you can't like it.

jimbost79155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Lets click on an article about a game that bored me to death, and tell people it's ok to like it. Well thanks mate, i feel much better now i have your approval and im sure everyone else does too. I wasn't sure wether or not it was allowed to like it. Thanks again

Skull521155d ago

The article is specifically called "Revisiting The Order"

Are you only allowed to revisit if you liked it? The game was terrible, and nearly every review was honest about that fact.

NecrumOddBoy155d ago

The Order only suffered from a few small things (crappy collection system, nav system and extreme linearity) and one major design flaw with its popup target style of combat. With a wide-linear design for more exploration and a better combat system, the sequel would be a GOTY contender. The art, sound, weapons, graphics, acting, story, script, and world was perfect and one of the most enjoyable experiences this gen.


jimbost79154d ago

Bit of a twat arent you? Why on earth would you revist a game you hated? The game was terrible in your opinion.
I dont give a fuck about reviews, ill judge for myself what i like. For example horizon got great reviews and guess what, i couldnt get into it for whatever reason. Now im not gonna go to any threads about horizon and tell people there who enjoyed it that it was shit.
That would make me a dick.

brando008154d ago

In the same boat all the way

RememberThe357154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Oh Jim don't worry about the douche, douches will be douches. The game wasnt even trashed in reviews, it was too short, didn't have any replay value, and not enough variation. That not trashing a game, that's calling out it's weaknesses. The game is still one of he prettiest ever made and the world is amazing. It was a fun game to get through but I wanted so much more and Ready at Dawn and Sony just left it sitting there. This and Heavenly Sword are two great game that will probably never see sequels, yet some how we got Knack 2... 😒

jc12154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

@Jimbost79 You thought The Order was "brilliant?"

Guys, I understand this message board is very pro Sony, but lets not get carried away here.

@Bouzebbal "Its a 10/10 game."

What? What the hell are you guys smoking? If this game was a 10/10, then The Last of Us is a 20/10. Give me a break.

jimbost79154d ago

@jc12 yea i did. Thats the thing with different people's tastes and opinions. They differ.
I really enjoyed the order, im not saying it was perfect and it had its faults. But i think with a sequel they could create something truly special.
Last of us was a good game but for me not this masterpiece eveyone raves about. But i can see how people do think it is, and i wouldn't say their opinion is wrong.
Same with horizon zero dawn, i got aloy to lvl 20 but couldn't bring myself to carry on. Did finish lou tho. Will probably give horizon another go at some point aswel.
Im only pro sony when i think theyve created a great game. Like ive already said i dont listen to reviews ill form my own opinion on games. Gow and U4 my 2 favourite exclusives this gen. I wouldnt care if they had a 40 metacritic they would remain my favourites.
There's no right or wrong here. Just different peoples different opinions. If you think its shit, fair enough. I think it was brilliant.

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Vandamme21155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

I agree with you...the game was awesome...I want a sequel to.

CP_Company155d ago

Played this year. Enjoyed a lot. Only gripe is lenght. There is a lot of lore there, which begging to be explore.

sprinterboy155d ago

Thoroughly enjoyed it too at launch, my only regret was buying digital as I had no trade in value after my 2nd playthrough. Got about 20hrs of playtime so got my my money's worth imo, sequel would be much welcome and learn from some the mistakes they made werewolf battles as a example but great game non the less.

thatguyhayat155d ago

Didn't they say this would be a franchise years ago? The way it ended they need to make a sequel

nucky64155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

i'm with you sampsonon - i loved the story and i want a werewolf vs vampires war!

edit: bouzebbal - it wasn't a 2 hour game. my first playthrough was 9 hours.

sampsonon155d ago

@bouzebbal: "I loved it too, but full price for a couple hours and no repeatability is what caused the mixed reviews..
It's a 10/10 game for 20 bucks,that's 4 sure"

I'm sorry, but the amount of work they put into the game, and it wasn't a couple hrs, would be an insult at $20.
i spend more than $60 for dinner and a movie for two, and that is only 2 hrs.

like people say " i would rather play a game that is quality over a game that isn't but is longer."

sampsonon155d ago

i think people are confusing a cheap Tetale game with the production of a game like the order. not even close friends. by maybe 90 million

porkChop155d ago

If it had launched at a more reasonable price I think the game would have been fine.

But $60 for a 5-6 hour game with little replayability was too much for many people.

sampsonon154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

it wasn't 5 - 6 hrs long unless you sped through it. game took me about 10 hrs playing casually, meaning searching and looking at the beauty.
the game being $60 had nothing to do with length it had to do with the amount of time and money that went into the game. it's not a cheap Telltale game, no disrespect to Telltale Games, in that the quality and time spent working on detail is why they charge what they did. i would rather pay $60 for the world building they did than pay $20 for a cartoon Telltale game. as much as i like Telltale games.

PhantomS42155d ago

The game clearly has potential, it really does need a sequel for a chance to shine.

sinspirit155d ago

It felt like a small hint of Uncharted in a gritty old London atmosphere with a sprinkle of Resistance with its weapons. The game itself was very underrated, it was short if you sped through it but it was well done. With how open Sony normally is to franchise potential it really feels like they dropped the ball here. I think they'll pick it back up eventually.

The game would have made a lot of sense if they made an online horde mode. Maybe, the Order will drink a concoction to drift off into a mental battleground with hordes of ethereal monsters, and this prepares them for the real deal.

TheGoodestBoi154d ago

I really enjoyed it too. In fact it was my first ever platinum for playstation.

bangoskank154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

I also played it more recently so expectations weren't affected by the mixed reviews it received at launch. The visuals, voice acting, writing, and score were all top notch. I would love to return to this universe with more of the shooter mechanics. The quick time events hardly bothered me because everything else was so great.

brando008154d ago

Yup, fully agreed. Got it for a steal, had low expectations, and was utterly blown away by the quality of the game. Definitely one of my favourites on PS4

nicsaysdie154d ago

For realz yo. I bought this game for twelve bucks during all the hate speech. I fully went in expecting a dumpster fire with how bad it was received. I came away with a great experience. It was super fun and beautiful. Best looking game for sure at the time, and still looks amazing. As far as the story goes, it was great. And the length, it was the perfect length for the story it told. Ready at dawn, if you're listening, please continue. Don't let this amazing story die.

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spirited155d ago

This deserved a sequel more than Knack
are u with me guys?

sprinterboy155d ago

Agree sort of as had a blast with the kids with knack

Shiken155d ago

I loved the game, beat it twice and got the plat. It had a lot of untapped potential and I feel it deserves another shot. The criticism the first got was deserved, but what was there was great IMO.

Let the learn from their mistakes and move forward with the IP. If they listen to the feedback from the first, we could have a real gem on our hands.

RememberThe357154d ago

How did you read my mind 13 hrs ago?

Platformgamer154d ago

knack deserved a sequel because it's a good game.
same goes for the order 1886, i want a sequel for it too

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leahcim155d ago

Sony must give RAD the chance of redeem themselves !
They deserve it
Have you played Daxter or Chains of Olympus?? those previous games were amazing

Spurg155d ago

Ready at dawn need to make a sequel to the order. I absolutely loved that game.

cfc83155d ago

The Order is to ps4 what Ryse is to xb1.

TheEnigma313155d ago

Both could have been way better sequels.

nucky64155d ago

not sure why you'd mention/think that; but, kind of off topic.

cfc83155d ago

Isn't OT. Both games got alot of criticism, and some harsh reviews, but alot of people who actually paid for them enjoyed the games.

ConsoleGamer155d ago

But ryse is a multiplatform game, while the order is an exclusive so i don't get the comparison.

spicelicka155d ago

But The Order is a Sony exclusive and Ryse is a Microsoft exclusive, so just get the comparison.

Rimeskeem155d ago

Really? Cause I remember xbox people defending Ryse.

spicelicka155d ago

And PS people defend The Order, right in this article even. Are you reading?

spicelicka155d ago

Agree with this. Both games had beautiful graphics, great well acted stories, and visceral gameplay. The length and gameplay depth fell short for both, but they're great games.

Ratchet75155d ago

Ryse definitely deserved a sequel but i believe crytek is on their last leg and close to bankruptcy

cfc83154d ago

Pitty nobody could buy the i.p. Crytek sold a couple of titles to thq nordic.

carcarias154d ago

For whatever it's worth, I thought the same thing. It's definitely interesting to note the similarities. Not sure why you have so many downvotes.

Both games shouldered the huge burden of being technical showpieces early on in their respective console cycles. People had huge expectations for them but both games were on the short side with game mechanics that, while solid and enjoyable, people had seen many times before.

However, like you said, both games got a bit of a beating from the critics but word of mouth was much more positive, especially when time had gone by. I wasn't blown away by either of them (except perhaps in terms of presentation) but I did enjoy them and would play bigger, more fleshed out sequels to both.

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