Game Revolution: Far Cry 2 Review

Game Revolution writes: "Ah, Africa. There's nothing quite like taking in the sunset over the veldt: A herd of zebras in the distance rummaging for food in the last few moments of light. The wind kicking sand up around you. A breathtaking scene if there ever was one. But it's not reality; it's Far Cry 2.

Hands-down, this is one of the most visually stunning games that you are going to see this year. From the deserts and oases, to the thick jungle forests and to those extremely flammable plains, this game looks fabulous and it knows it. I have never stopped to take in a sunset in a video game before now."

+ So beautiful
+ Many ways to play through story
+ Carry out missions how you see fit
+ Cleanse the world with fire
+ The Malaria Effect
+ Buddy system
+ Map editor
- No map-editor tutorial
- Plot can be thin and hard to follow

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