[NA] Attack of the Blockbuster Flash Sale Is Live; Up To 70% Discount On 200+ Major Games

Sony seems to be offering another flash sale this week titled Attack of the Blockbuster. This is perhaps the largest PlayStation Store sale with AAA games.

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Crazyglues88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

God of War for $34.79 for plus members is a steal....

Orionsangel87d ago

I was tempted but I'm saving my money for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I'll get God of War though eventually. I also want Far Cry 5 and that's like $35. Great deals indeed!

I did pickup Uncharted Lost Legacy for $11.99 which I had never played. I'm enjoying it.

I also bought Infamous Second Son for just $6.99. Another game I hadn't played before.


I highly recommend Sniper Elite 4.

Zeke6887d ago

I platinumed both Sniper Elite 3 & 4. Both are great games. Can't wait for Sniper Elite 5.


JAWsome! Not a very easy game to do so i will say. I really want a zombie army version of 4 to tie us over till 5 hopefully releasing. My personal game of the generation

Zeke6887d ago

I bought Sniper Elite 4 on release but was stuck in SE3 so i played that until I only had the MP-trophies left. I really hate those in singleplayer games (as I think Sniper Elite games are foremost) so I started to play SE4 until, yes you guessed it, I only had MP-trophies left... Sigh what to do ?!
I "forced" or more bribed my daughter with a handful of PS4-games of her choice if she helped me out with all the co-op/MP -trophies and I bought her both games so she could help me out.... Now I got her hooked on these games too ! :D


Have you played Zombie Army Trilogy?
If not, get it!

Zeke6885d ago

No I haven't. But now I put it on my "wishlist" in PS Store so hopefully they put it on the Black Friday sale or so :)
I already have Spiderman on preorder so september is already planned gamewise for me hehe. But thanks for the tip on Zombie Army Trilogy, that one has managed to sneak under my radar it seems.


Right there with you. Happy gaming.

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SkippyPaccino88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

That's what I love about Sony... Never afraid to put their best exclusives on sale... Nintendo still sells wii sports on Wii-u for full price.

Uken1287d ago

Nintendo has had sales on their First Party Titles before. I have bought many games on sale through the eshops and in retail.
Also why would you ever want to buy Wii Sports anyways? lol.

Nintendo has many more first party games than Sony also. I'm not hating on Son in any means. I like my ps4.

Uken1287d ago

No? Lol Go ahead and hate all you want but it's the truth.

FallenAngel198487d ago

Shieet that’s the third flash sale in a row

Spikeantestor87d ago

It's true that this is the 3rd straight weekend sale we've had but I don't think they are calling this a Flash sale. They did the last two though, which was weird enough on it's own.

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