Modder Kaldaien: 25% of CPU usage in Monster Hunter World is for switching active threads

DSOGaming writes: "As we’ve already stated, Monster Hunter World is one of the few games that can stress even high-end CPUs. And while Capcom tried to explain the reasons why the game can be CPU-bound, modder Kaldaien has discovered that 25% of the overall CPU activity in this game is for switching active threads."

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Cobra95160d ago

So now we have to go buy Threadrippers to play this game right?

kevnb58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

why? Its playable on pretty much any i5 ever made. You dont even really need a locked 60 fps for it to feel smooth, i mean ps4 owners arent even complaining bout dips well under 30 fps... My advice is to turn fraps of and just play the game and enjoy it, like millions of sane people are. Its been shown that the game is gpu bound, and even the xbox one x which is a bit better than a 1060 only gets around 40 fps, but you know what the game feels fine at that sort of frame rate. They are using an implementation of vsync hat doesn't cause drastic jumps in frame rate and keeps the frame times reasonable even at non locked fps. The game was built around having an unlocked and variable framerate.