Gears of War Ranking System

Lots of people have been wondering if there was going to be a Ranking System in Gears of War 2 and the answer is yes. Theres not many known details about it besides the fact that the matchmaking is just like "Halo's."

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likedamaster3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Extremely good news. Thank you Epic. The TrueSkill ranking system that Gears implemented in the game didn't really work for it. It was too easy for friends to come together and down each other to infinity and become #1 on the Ranked Leaderboard. Gears new ranking system and matchmaking FTW! (btw, I hate to be a douche but...1st)


they mean rankings... as in private first class and so forth. gears has halo's MATCHMAKING. but RANKINGS are totally different.


RAF-TECH3651d ago

Multiplayer will be a blast.

The ranking system is now trueskill!

Kenny G3651d ago

they got rid of host advantage. that's the only thing that matters. everything else is secondary

cr33ping_death3651d ago

never really cared for the host advantage, you know it was there so face approach the host differently...... but people will still cry about everything " oh you only use boom" " f you two piecer" " all you do is frag tag" and on and on. but with host advantage off i wonder how many people will do without it. :) damn i cant wait.

ChrisGTR13651d ago

Fuuukkk YESSSS!!!!!!
thanks cliffard!!!!lol

the one thing i just HATE about cod4 is the lack of ranking systems theres always retards in each team which suck ass and get 2 kills/ - 15 deaths. this is the end of that :)

Shaka2K63651d ago

Everything about tears of war 1.5 is the same as failo 2.5.