The Diablo III Switch Port Took Nine Months

It’s official: Diablo III is coming to Switch. Later this year, you’ll be able to cosplay as Ganondorf from Legend of Zelda and kick the crap out of Diablo from Diablo. It’s the first Blizzard game on a Nintendo platform in 15 years, but fortunately, Blizzard had help.

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Shiken62d ago

Nine months is not too bad considering it is the base game, all DLC, some exclusive content, and the fact that it is either an upgraded version of the PS360 versions, or a downgraded version of the PS4/X1 versions.

PressXtoBacon62d ago

Right?! the article made it sound like it's a long time, but for all the content and nuanced things that could go wrong, that's pretty good.

Spurg62d ago

That's a long time. That's nine-months a team could have been working on something more viable.

Shiken62d ago

It will likely sell like hotcakes on the Switch...seems pretty viable to me.

Also you have no idea how small the port team is. They tend to be smaller while the main teams are working on something else. 9 months is a short time, and for a game like this well worth the investment.

JokerBoy42262d ago

Not sure why... Just cripple it down to 10fps and 720p and im sure itll run pretty decent as long as its docked.

Shiken62d ago

The game ran on PS360, the Switch runs all PS360 games better than those versions.

You are really reaching lol.

Juras62d ago

PS3/X360 version has much less mobs on screen and its not supported since long time (new content might be more power demanding). Also it was running sub hd ready resolution (or dynamic, dont remeber). Even with that downgrades, framerates can dip below 30 (base was 60) at demanding scenes like 4 players coop and many mobs/effects on screen.
Based on my own experience, i played a lot PS3 and PS4 version.

Shiken62d ago


What does that have to do with the fact that the Switch version will be vastly superior to the PS360 versions?

addictedtochaos62d ago

Blizzard has already confirmed it will run at 60 FPS in handheld and docked.

King_Noctis62d ago

And what is the reason for doing that...? So they can sabotage their own game?

Benjaminkno62d ago

That’s a lame contribution to the discussion.

Troll alert

Segata62d ago

Switch is several times more powerful than the system that ran The Last of Us and Uncharted 3 btw even undocked.

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HeyNavi62d ago

I'm curious to see if it suffers from bad framerate dips when playing 4 player co-op on the Switch.

Shiken62d ago

That is what I am curious about as well. Solo and even duo will likely be fine. Four will be the real test.

Sirk7x62d ago

I hope it sells very well, and that Blizzard will continue to bring games to the platform.

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