2TB PS4 Pro 500 Million Edition pre-orders sold out

Sony Interactive Entertainment will soon release a rather special edition version of the PlayStation 4 Pro although you might find one hard to come by. Pre-orders are currently sold out.

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Shineon63d ago

Still has the same graphics as base ps4 tho so I'll pass

Sunny_D63d ago

Uhhh I’m pretty sure it’s the Pro so no.

Araragifeels 63d ago

Either you are a troll or ignorant. PS4 Pro 500 million edition has the Pro in the name for a reason. And is because is a damn PS4 Pro aka the premium version of the OG PS4/Slim which have better graphics. Is like saying Xbone X still have the same graphics as the base Xbone.

navi8762d ago

"Pro"...ha...Sony 9;s marketing got you good! Its only just a bit better then the original PS4 if you look at the resolutions being posted about the games. Most games aren't nowhere native 4K, except for Indy titles and maybe handful of actual PS4 titles. Do some research instead of gobbling up what you're told.
I don't recall PS4 Pro having any more advanced graphic features to improve lighting etc. Slighty sharper image..yay.
Oh I forgot about the amazing "HDR" aka improved contrast and colours etc. Buy a yourself a decent TV and configure it properly and you won't have washed out blacks in darker scenes or lame colours.


FYI i'm primarily a Nintendo Fan although I have also gotten myself into PC gaming properly since 2013 before you start throwing me some "Xbone" crap in my direction...

Silly gameAr62d ago


Nintendo fanboy, MS fanboy, doesn't make a difference. A fanboy is a fanboy.

Stick to your Nintendo and PC. Neither one has anything to do with the pspro.

And they say sony fanboys are bad. 😕

rainslacker62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

"Most games aren't nowhere native 4K"

Don't believe the poster said most games were...or even some. It can produce higher resolutions though, which it then uses checkerboarding to get it up to 4K. The same technique is used in most X1X games as well, although the source resolution is typically higher before the checkboarding...or sparse rendering as MS calls it.

" I don't recall PS4 Pro having any more advanced graphic features to improve lighting etc"

The PS4 has more than twice the computing power in the GPU. That will enable better images to be produced, as well as increased resolutions.

More importantly, to improve lighting and what not...since its what you cite...

PS4P has more than twice the pixel fill rate and 2.5X the texture fill rate of the OGPS4.
PS4P has more memory available to the GPU/CPU due to the added 1GB of DDR3 for OS swapping.
Some elements of the new GPU in the PS4P were adopted from Polaris, which has better shader functions...shader functions having a direct influence on lighting performance.
PS4P has double the GCN cores and an increased clock speed over the PS4.

Maybe instead of just spewing nonsense, take your own advice and do some research.

And even a well tuned non-HDR TV can not match a un-tuned HDR TV, and HDR TV's need much less tuning out of the box....mostly just adjusting the brightness. That's kind of the point of need to tune.

Maybe being a Nintendo fan who has systems that haven't produced the best looking graphics since the N64, and primarily playing on PC where HDR is mostly useless right now, you don't realize what a difference it makes. Even on the X1X, the HDR does more for the image than increasing the resolution does.

63d ago
Razzer63d ago

Is being wrong a hobby of yours or something?

ApexWolf2263d ago

It's a PRO, how much more of an upgrade would you like? They could've easily just made a SLIM version instead...

Shineon63d ago Show
xX-oldboy-Xx63d ago

Shimon - You do realize that the best looking anand selling exclusives are on PS4. The Pro is just a little gravy for those that want it. Surely English isnt your first language, so I'll give you some credit.

DivineAssault 63d ago

Shineon, it sucks you feel that way. Trust me, sony will be just fine while you continue to spite them. I have plenty of vita games and enjoy it. The pro looks great on my 4K HDR set in comparison to the base model. If its unsatisfactory for you, theres always the xb1x. For $500, youll have sharper multiplats and backwards compatibility with older xbox titles. Missing out on the best exclusives offered by a console maker is all on you

S2Killinit62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

It has better looking games than any other console. So yeah.

OT: this console looks really stylish with the accents.

rainslacker62d ago (Edited 62d ago )


Horizon Zero Dawn looks better than anything MS has put out in the past few years. Certainly better than anything they've put out with X1X support. The upgrade on the PS4P is pretty good, but is it overly noticeable? I'd say not really, because Horizon Zero Dawn looks better than anything MS has put out in the past few years with X1X support even on the base PS4. i won't even get into God of War.

I said once that MS was going to have a hard time convincing people the X1X was going to look better, because Sony delivers some of the best looking games this gen. On top of that, the difference in image quality between the PS4P and X1X are even less noticeable to the average person than they are between the PS4 and PS4P.

I could have gone this whole gen and been perfectly content with the base PS4. But I have a PS4P, so whatever, no use worrying about the spent money now. I'm even fine with my OGX1 for what few games I may play on it.

Sony got me with the VIta too, but you know what...I played that system a lot. I would have liked more from Sony first party, but again, no use crying about it now. One failed product in a long line of success won't make me swear off PS.

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Shineon63d ago

Im trollin lol its the truth thats why I sold mine for 250$ because it was soooo disappointing!Ugly graphics who wants to see 1080p textures in checkerboard 4k? The Pro is trash Ps4 slim is better at least the textures match the rez.Soupstation No!


Go play on your $500 console games that are over 10 years old and still look the same.... and stop being a hater

Shineon63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Clearly I didnt read im just exposing PlayStation cash grab strategies but yall still chocking take a break let your mouth rest mane

Ceaser985736162d ago

"Clearly I didnt read im just exposing PlayStation cash grab strategies"
Dumbest comment ever...
What's wrong with a company Making money?? are you giving them Money??. NO.. So shouldn't worry you.. Move on...

Clunkyd62d ago

Wow! A Company selling us something? How dare they!

sprinterboy63d ago

Dumbest comment of the decade

rainslacker62d ago

Sadly.....that's not actually true. Its up there though.

Smitty202063d ago

that’s not the point it’s for the collectors I was gutted I couldn’t get my hands on one

Neonridr63d ago

if you aren't using the Pro on a 4K TV then the upgrades are going to be limited. But if you have a 4K TV the differences are astounding. Go look at Horizon or God of War running on a 4K TV with a Pro and compare it to the base PS4 running on a 1080p TV. The differences will amaze you.

rainslacker62d ago

They're using supersampling now which actually can improve the image quality on 1080 displays. Some reports state its quite a lot of improvement.

Neonridr62d ago

@rainslacker - supersampling definitely helps, but it's not going to make a world of difference. You get some smoother pixels sure, and it definitely can help clean up the image. But when you jump up to 4K the differences are ridiculous.

Shineon62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I Love It and @Neonridr My 4k tv is a Sony Bravia. The diffrence is not astounding what you mean the slight sharpness because nothing else is going on the textures dont match the resolution.Coming from a PC thats can handle 1080p very well along with many other graphical effects is a downgrade the Pro is not a supercharged ps4 as advertised its a piece of 💩and you know it.The base Ps4 is almost a Pro then since you cant even use zoom to spot the diffrence in most titles the Pro is a scam!!!And @Ceaser yes I did I bought all my PlayStations brand new from PlayStation X PS2, PsP,Ps3,skipped base ps4 got the Ps4 Pro sold pro the pro is the first PlayStation Ive ever gotten rid of good riddens you are the weakest link goodbye you piece of 💩

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Forn63d ago

Don't pre-orders open up on the 24th?!

TorpeAlex63d ago

Did you read the article?

dumahim63d ago

This is in the UK. Has the 24th been confirmed for the US?

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Kabaneri63d ago

Now if only Nintendo would release some translucent purple joycons....

ApexWolf2263d ago (Edited 63d ago )

For as much as I'd like to get one, I'm not going to break my head finding something so limited, scalpers alone will kill it for the average consumer. They should've made way more, they'll sell regardless...oh well I'll just enjoy the pics I guess...sigh... 😥