What piece of game music is always stuck in your head?

It's possible to have a piece of music chronically stuck in your head for a lifetime—anyone who played Tetris at a young age can attest to that. Video game music seems to be particularly good at taking up permanent residence in our minds—whether that's a feature of game music, or a result of hearing the same tracks looping for hours upon hours is uncertain, but it's probably more of the latter.

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mkis00787d ago

I heard red alert2 music as soon as i read this....but god of war music always

Brueske87d ago

Vigilante 8 PS1 Theme, but the entire soundtrack for both games was great!

Chexs199087d ago

The 5 seconds of music after every fight in Final Fantasy :D

Nacho_Z86d ago

That's my text ringtone, classic stuff.

staticall87d ago

For me, it's Nier (especially Temple of Drifting Sands), Nier: Automata (Possessed by Disease) and various tracks from Unreal Tournament games

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The story is too old to be commented.