Halo 5: The Kotaku Re-Review

Each new Halo game since 2007’s Halo 3 gets some praise, then fades, and then is pointed to as a sign that the Xbox’s once-unstoppable franchise is hitting a wall. Halo 5, released in 2015, deserves a different reputation.

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spicelicka156d ago

Honestly the gameplay and stellar multiplayer make up for "not up to par" story. The Sanghelios missions are just amazing to play through, and let's not forget we finally got a custom games browser! Something we've been requesting since Halo 2.

Poopmist156d ago

Yeah best multiplayer of this gen imo. I've had a lot of fun with the game browser and I love that they keep putting more maps in the playlists.

Skull521156d ago

They just made the same mistake Bungie did with Halo 2. No one wants to play an auxiliary character, we want to play as Master Chief through the campaign, the series is his story. Multiplayer is fantastic, and on the XBOX it is one of the best looking games of the generation, it really is beautiful.

TekoIie156d ago


Fans were silly on that. It offered perspective into the Covenant that couldn't have been achieved without looking through the eyes of someone in the covenant. The ending is definitely annoying as hell cuz its the worst possible way to have a cliffhanger but up to that, it was very good especially so for its time.

I want to play as Chief but if they're gonna have levels where I play as another character dont make it just some other Spartan. Make it a character that's going to have different mechanics when playing as that character. Like lets say if you played as a Brute you would get different abilities and weapons for those levels and the level structure is completely different.

But in the end, Chief should be the prime focus.

TekoIie156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

"Honestly the gameplay and stellar multiplayer make up for "not up to par" story."

Completely disagree. What we saw happen with Halo 5 is the exact same as what we saw with Star Wars 8. Episode 7 set up an interesting future for the franchise and Halo 4 did exactly the same. The Halo 5 writers decided to completely ignore 90% of it and undo it within the first few levels of the game and go with something uninspiring and generic.

How do you ignore the Didact, Halsey no longer hating Palmer despite her basically shooting her arm off (sorta), defeating the Covenant splinter cells leader in the first level basically making him into cannon fodder for the narrative. They also had access to the best possible caste of characters like making Buck into a Spartan, all of Blue Team and the Arbiter returning, but it was completely wasted.

If Halo 5 was not a numbered entry in the series and was just Guardians I would have less of a problem (like ODST). But no. This should've been DLC for Halo 4 and not a brand new entry to the series.

The multiplayer is definitely good but doesn't excuse MS's biggest franchise from having a lackluster story.

spicelicka155d ago

Well i don't disagree with that though, the story was terrible. I certainly don't think the MP excuses them of a bad story, but I just think the MP deserves its credit.

Profchaos156d ago

I play halo for its story so to me the game felt like wasted potential

JesusBuiltmyHotrod156d ago

LOL at playing an Halo for the "Story"

Profchaos156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Yeah the original trilogy hooked me since then it's been a bit downhill the multiplayer just feels repetitive

CrimsonWing69156d ago

That's exactly what I play Halo for so...

spicelicka155d ago

Are you on drugs? Halo has some of the deepest and most interesting stories in gaming. During Bungie times that is.

Father__Merrin156d ago

Just bought halo 5 I've a few game's to finish first before I start it

Strafe156d ago

Thanks for the update.

Deathdeliverer156d ago

The story isn’t his game was a bore from beginning to end. The battles are repetitive as heck and the enemies are not smart AT ALL, they are simply overwhelming at times in higher difficulties. Plenty of fun times to be had in multiplayer though. Didn’t really capture the feel of the better multiplayer Halos, but still fun. Really hope they get some fresh air in the series for the next one. I don’t care if they put chief on another planet (that the covenant have not reach for the love of god) with a whole new cast of villains and heroes.

Jinger156d ago

Halo 5's MP was amazing. The arena mode was perfection while it also offered more casual modes and introduced game browser and brought back firefight. As well as a ton of post launch map support.

The SP on the other hand was mostly a major let down. There are a couple stand out section for sure, but over all for Halo standards it was pretty garbage.

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