Bruce Campbell Returning To Ash Williams For Upcoming Video Game

Fans of The Evil Dead were crushed earlier this year when Starz cancelled the Ash vs. Evil Dead series after three delightful seasons of gore-filled madness. Shortly after, the series’ main star, Bruce Campbell, vowed to hang up the chainsaw and officially retired from the character, thanking the fans for many years of service. But...never say never, because it sounds like he’ll be making at least one more go-around in voiceover and possible motion capture form.

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NecrumOddBoy65d ago

Evil Dead Regeneration was one of my favorite games on PS2/Xbox. I am more than happy to see him back in gaming.

I wonder if he has at least a cameo in Spider-Man?

gangsta_red65d ago

Haven't watched the last season but if it hasn't been concluded then maybe they can make a game that does finish the story.

Lord_Sloth65d ago

Supposedly it ends with a cliff-hanger like all the movies did. I haven't started season 3 yet though so Idk.

TheKingKratos65d ago

The show is cancelled sadly
And i hope we get the game
Evil dead in playstation 1 was one of the very best survival horror games i played

PressXtoBacon65d ago

I definitely don't want to get excited about this until I know what studio is attached

Blu3_Berry65d ago

I think Evil Dead could be fun budget hack'n'slash game if done right with a good studio. I would love to see that as Evil Dead is one of my favorite movie/tv series.

Fist4achin65d ago

Crap! This is the first im hearing of the shows cancellation! Damn! Going to miss creepy kid.

On the other hand, i am looking forward to a new game!

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