Say farewell to Steam

More and more major publishers are deciding to end their cooperation with Steam, promoting their own sales platforms and gaming environments instead. As a result, every publisher may soon get its own digital distribution platform – and that doesn't bode well for Steam.

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xboxcult2105d ago

My answer is......
#1 lower Steam's commissions on per game sold (30% is too high, 15% would be more reasonable),
#2 Half Life 3,
#3 Left 4 Dead 3,
#4 Counter-Strike:GO 2.

CorndogBurglar2105d ago

As much as I would love those 3 games, I don't see how making them would make all the other publishers stay on Steam.

Your 1st point is pretty solid though! I didn't realize Steam made that much in commission. That's a bit crazy.

NewMonday2105d ago

that's the downfall from turning your back on your original bread and butter 1st party games, Valve should have used all those years of market dominance to build a big 1st part catalog that holds player loyalty. now it may be too late.

roadkillers2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

^ Meh, the most successful games have been tiny developers. Battle Royal changed the whole landscape of games with everyone asking if their game will have a BR mode. ARMA2's zombie mod changed open world survival, and ARK did well as well. I think they have become Steam's bread and butter. Not to mention all the mod support and VR helmet support.

Edit: Didn't Monster Hunter sell 2+ million in a week? Steam is fine. Yes I would love those games though..

Mea Maxima Culpa2105d ago

I think something to be more concerned about is Steam dropping support for Windows 7 (eventually due to pressure from Microsoft).

They just stopped supporting pre-Windows 7 with few complaints, mark my words Windows 7 is next.

I have been burned over and over with these services starting from heat.net (I still have the t-shirt), On-Live, Games for Windows Live and even a few others.

Digital copies of games, especially a Steam library of 441 games like I have, are a gamble.

Skull5212105d ago

The don’t need to continue to support old operating systems, Windows 7 should be next. Windows 8 was better, and Windows 10 even more so. Dropping support for outdated products is nothing new and should be expected.

Oh, and bye Steam! Always fun to see a monopoly fall from grace

Servbot412105d ago

Releasing those games would increase the concurrent users on Steam. The more people on Steam all the time the more eyes on the advertisements of third-party games. Not saying that that's even a great argument, but its one that could be made.

crazyCoconuts2105d ago

@skull, I don't think Steam qualifies as a monopoly... There have been other stores for quite some time, Steam is just the most successful.

EpicFruityPie2104d ago

@roadkillers did you really mention Ark? lol

Muzikguy2104d ago


You have a strange way of seeing things. How is Steam a monopoly? You can buy and play games many ways other than through Steam. I'm also completely baffled how someone would constantly want to upgrade all the time just to keep a service, wasting all that money. It's not worth it man. It really isn't

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maybelovehate2105d ago

Those things would definitely help. But major studios will still be wanting to use their own services. That doesn't mean Steam is dead though, still a great avenue for Indie games which are a huge part of this industry and not going away.


#5 Bring Steam to my X... ok, I will keep dreaming lol

rainslacker2105d ago

Eventually, if not quickly, people are going to get really tired of having all these logins. It's annoying as it is if your a gamer.

Publishers can forge their own way, which will work for those with enough content to fill their own store, but not all of them are equipped to handle their own store and policies. There is more to.these stores than just selling stuff.

Ea and Ubisoft haven't used steam for years, and steam is still growing. I don't think people need to bid farewell to steam any time soon, and steam will adapt.

fr0sty2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Steam is just going to become a portal top play Valve's games.

joab7772104d ago

Poor Valve. They may just have to do what every other company has to do and actually develop and publish games again. It’s how Sony, MS and Nintendo sell hardware and ultimately make money. Valve has been fortunate with lower up front costs, but it is a smart move to deregulate, if only to force Valve’s hands.

What is another site that could challenge them regarding Indies and smaller games?

badz1492104d ago

Steam is the reason PC gaming is thriving. but with more publishers moving away from it especially the big ones and they start to use their own launchers, it's not gonna look good for PC gaming scene! say goodbye to those sweet deals on big 3rd party games because now they are only going to be available from their own publisher and they will keep the price as high for as long as they could! and what's the point of having so many launchers anyway? it's annoying and gaming on a non-unified platform is the last thing the PC need for its growth. seriously, this doesn't look good!

SR388132104d ago

I don't have steam but I do want half life 2 ep 3!!!

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SegaGamer2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Imagine how horrible it would be if every company moved away from Steam.

These are my reasons why I would hate it.

1) Bloatware. Having so many different launchers on my PC would be irritating. So many different updates, so many different UI's to navigate and get used to. They would be all over my PC and I would have shortcuts everywhere. It's messy and inconvenient.

2) Games no longer being in one place. I like my games being tied to one account, same goes with my achievements, the amount of hours I have put in, my friends, the community forums (Steam's is a bit of a cesspit though). Everything is there in one place and easy to get to. I like loading up Steam and clicking the play button on my games, it's as close to plug and play as PC gaming has ever been.

3) Prices and sales. I don't think anybody can deny it, you won't find better prices or sales than what we get with Steam. I'm not just talking about from Steam themselves. Humble Bundle and Fanatical do amazing sales on games for Steam. The prices of these games are often cheaper on release too and get discounted more often and sooner than any other platform. If all companies were to move everything away from Steam, I don't think things would be as good. Uplay and Origin sales are very poor, I haven't bought one game from their sales yet, It's just not tempting enough.

4) Tons of new accounts and passwords. The last thing I want to do is create more accounts and have more passwords, it's bad enough as it is.

5) Credit card, debit card, Paypal etc etc. I don't want to share any of this stuff with any more companies. It takes one account getting hacked for everything to go wrong, and with so many accounts holding your details, the more likely it is that this will happen.

If they all branch off and do their own thing, they will probably find themselves losing a costumer. I'm not signing up and creating multiple accounts just to play the odd game or two now and then.

DaReapa2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

@ Sega
Agree with every major point made here. It's just not feasible to the consumer to have independent distribution from every major publisher.

PapaBop2105d ago

I agree completely and you make some great points BUT, if what the guy above said is true and that Steam take a 30% cut on commission, you can't exactly blame publishers/developers from moving away from Steam, that's an excessive amount.

HeyNavi2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

I agree that it seems like a large commission amount, but think about how many games are purchased in the first place simply from browsing Steam and seeing what's new or looks interesting? Steam is a huge hub for a myriad of games that would otherwise go unnoticed.

rainslacker2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

It can be as low as 15%. Indie devs pay 30%, but most major publishers pay 15-20%. That's about what they pay selling through own or X box store.

It's not really that outlandish when you think about the work steam puts into their service. The marketing they do for their service, and on behalf of the publishers, hosting and distributing data, some moderarion assistance for the devs and pubs, and of course, providing easy access to the largest customer base in pc gaming.

agent45322105d ago

Is about control for too long AAA game publishers were selling their games cheaper. They want to sell their games at $60.00 plus tax, no mod support, littered with microtransanctions and keep PC gamers from having competition like GOG, Greenmangaming to want to buy Capcom games need Capcom launcher., want Activison games get battlenet.....

darthv722105d ago

You know... I seem to recall a time before Steam where I had lots of games installed to my PC and the ability to create a folder in the start menu to put all the respected shortcuts into. That way there was no clutter on my desktop and all the games were installed to the same drive and things were easy to find.

All Steam did was create an online way to manage digital downloads and installs which is an evolution of what I was already doing back on win 95 and 98. Hell... I still have my old Win 98 machine with games like Quake 3, unreal tournament, SHOGO, Kingpin, Half life, Need for Speed 2.

It's a tricked out K6-3 400 with 128mb ram and 16mb TNT2 as primary and a pair of 3dfx V2's for dedicated GLide games and a SB AWE32 for Duke 3D in DOS mode (got to love that wavetable synth)

Tross2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

@SegaGamer Yes, like 99% of my PC software is on Steam. I have a GoG account that I've barely used, but I prefer to keep all my games in one place, hence why I haven't branched out and tried the plethora of other services. I'd also add that I fear the possibility that the end of Steam would mean the end of the client, and therefore, the end of access to my games. Thankfully, the title of this article is clickbait and I don't think Steam is going away anytime soon.

crazyCoconuts2105d ago

Agree with Sega. I like the flexibility and power with a PC, but I still want to have a "console-like" experience for most things, and Steam is as close to the whole package as you can get. But to be honest if there's a game I want to play badly I'll succumb to going to another store to get it. I wonder if Steam cuts side deals with the bigger players to reduce the cut in order to keep them on the platform.