The Wii flexing its raw power against the PS1

Side by Side snaps of a 10 year old + game going head to head with the new Klona for the Wii, and as an added bonus we see the wii version square off against the 8 year old Ps2 version.

Who comes out the winner?

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Darkiewonder3675d ago

Very hard to disgtinguish! Good job namco on a great port!

Parapraxis3675d ago

Please tell me you're being sarcastic.

Liquid Dust3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

The first picture of the comparison is PSone "left" and Wii version "right". I pulled out the demo disc from an old OPM that contained the PSone version and popped her in to make sure.

I believe the second comparison picture is accurrate.

and remember its Klonoa, not Klona.

Great games though for PSone/PS2, extremely rare and expensive to get though unfortunately...

EDIT: Siligon edited his story, it is now labeled correctly, good comparison, definitely a blast from the past!

mikeslemonade3675d ago

Oh well some developers are just crap. There's games in this generation that look like xbox like Fable 2, Mercenaries 2, Saints Row, etc.

aceitman3674d ago

has better graphics than the wii just look at the mario party and you will see

Maxned3674d ago


The wii can do better graphics than this! THIS IS THE DEVELOPERS FAULT.

Anyone who has seen Super Mario Galaxy's graphics for themselves can support this. If you have the game, look at the textures, they are as good as a 360 launch title.
IGN also said the The Conduit has graphics that are comparable to early xbox 360 titles.

OH and what a surprise. Silogon posted this.

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PirateThom3675d ago

I know which one I'd rather play, as well.

Rick Astley3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

I hate the Wii but the 360 is just trash so yeah I agree. Doesn't matter how much you hate the Wii you've still gotta admit that it's a much better and much more reliable games console. Have fun paying for XBL Xtards.

ChickeyCantor3675d ago

You are lying, the thing costs about 300/400 dollars you would play it if it were free xD...

Seriously why wouldn't you XD/

Imallvol73675d ago

OMG, lol. PS1 version looks better!

kunit22c3675d ago

hope your being sarcastic...

TheTimeDoctor3675d ago

hilarious, absolutely hilarious.

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The story is too old to be commented.