Overwatch On Switch Is Feasible, But StarCraft 2 Isn't

The confirmation that Diablo 3 is coming to Switch marks the first time in 15 years that a Blizzard title has appeared on a Nintendo platform. Now that the relationship between the two studios has been rekindled, discussions will naturally move to other Blizzard games that could make the jump to the Switch. Overwatch, the popular team-based shooter, stands out as a potential contender, and Blizzard thinks that, from a technology perspective, it is possible.


Corrected source of the information.

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Skull521152d ago

I'd love Starcraft to come to console, it's the only PC game I play really.

deafdani152d ago

It may be possible, if the engine is scalable to allow for it. After all, Paladins runs pretty damn well on the Switch, and it's the same kind of game (although admittedly Paladins has always been way simpler graphically than OW). They would just have to tone down the graphics and effects enough for it to run at a stable 60fps, which is a must.

King_Noctis152d ago

I’m looking forward to Overwatch and Heartstone on the Switch.

Neonridr152d ago

I think when they were talking about the technicality of it, it was more to do with consoles and controllers vs PC's with mouse and keyboard.