IGN Reviews Rock Revolution

Music-themed videogames are the hot ticket lately, and it seems everyone wants in on the game. The nexus of high-definition home console hardware, burgeoning digital content distribution and the maturing of the genre since its early arcade days has resulted in an explosion of plastic music instruments and the software to make them rock. And many of the most popular music-related franchises can trace at least part of their lineage to Japanese publisher Konami.

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skynidas3676d ago

LMAO...this is game of the year

sonarus3676d ago

LMAO Konami is just trash this generation. Without kojima they would be nothing.

Lord_Ash3676d ago

I agree, Konami was once one of my fav gaming companies, but this generation they're games are below average with the exception of Metal Gear Solid 4, and even that they ruined it's online with their Konami ID crap.

Darkiewonder3676d ago

Great score. Will pick this up.

Blink_443676d ago

LOL i cant believe all the songs are covers..they must of spent like a total of $2 on this POS.

PirateThom3676d ago

I can only get one more game this year? Target: Terror or Rock Revolution?

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