The +18 lewd 3D steampunk action/adventure game “Foxynite” has launched on Nutaku

Nutaku has announced the release of one of the highest quality +18 lewd 3D games to hit the adult gaming platform. Yes, the 3D steampunk action/adventure game "Foxynite" is now available via Nutaku.

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SilverDemon61d ago fortnite.......ok

Godmars29061d ago

Only its a standard mobile dungeon title.

They went with the Asylum's mock-buster style of naming.

TGG_overlord61d ago

Yeah, that's pretty much it.

OnlyThoseOnTheFence61d ago

Like Fortnite, except it actually has content. Pretty sad when NSFW games offer more depth.

SilverDemon61d ago

Dude.... it's a mobile game -_-