Gears of War 2 Ending Big Dissapointment *Spoilers*

After watching the the 14 minutes of gameplay that was leading up to the very final cutscene, I found myself very disappointed. It seems like Epic followed in the exact footsteps of Halo 2 and just rewrote the same story.

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Forbidden_Darkness3675d ago

because you were too curious to not read it ;)

sonarus3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

I don't see why people are complaining. Its not the best ending but its a HUGE improvement over gears 1 ending. At least epic is actually TRYING to be cinematic. Its their first try at a cinematic game so its bound to suck a bit. I really don't know what you guys were expecting.

The unreal engine water effects are trash though

I would say wait and play the game before fully judging the ending

NegativeCreep4273675d ago

That ending was a quote "HUGE" improvement over the original's ending???

DAMN! what was the first game's ending like? Was it equivalent to the ending of a NES game?

morganfell3675d ago

Damn Negative I busted up over that. Bubbles.

sonarus3675d ago
Well if you didn't play it there is the ending. Its a HUGE improvement in my opinion. You have to remember cinematics and story isn't Epic's strong point. Gameplay and multiplayer is though

swissarmyshank3675d ago


Both Gears of War games can now be credited with horrific story lines.
So that city just dropped into a sinkhole which caused the surrounding bay area to flood it? GG for originality. Those locust bastards should have built an arc. Mediocre narrative at the end, as well. Terrible ending to a terrible story.

ThanatosDMC3675d ago

Yeah, story sucks but gameplay is awesome! They really need to flesh out the story... remember back then when Gameinformer brought the first Gears of War preview? I thought it was going to be a aliens upon aliens that crawl around and rend you to pieces but not gun weilding humanoids. Oh well, i guess i like Aliens vs Predators 2
(PC game) too much.

psnDevistator3563674d ago

They just let gears die with no possibility of it coming back? So at least when its over they can start a new ip. Whatever the ending sucked balls.

BlackRaven853674d ago

You do realize this is a sequel to a new game, and I would bet Microsoft would have a ruling in that decision too. Do your research before you type.

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ICUP3675d ago

The ending is a [email protected]' joke, even a 3 year old child can write a better ending than this.

morganfell3675d ago

I agree.

It's the same game as the first Gears and people expected something innovative? Here, have some true sequel innovation everyone:

SpecialSauce3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

but i bet u fanboys are right only because gears of war has some of the most kleshay story lines i have ever heard. (besides gaylo)

but the story line isn't why i play gears. it's the game play that means the most to me. and gears will delivers their.

Pain3674d ago

M$ needs this game to be a Money milker for XBOX 3 so

Halo AND Gears Confirmed XBOX 3 games.

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xbotpleasefixme3675d ago


LeonSKennedy4Life3675d ago

I actually really liked the ending. What's the problem?

It's a good ending, leaving you intrigued for a third.

You people have no sense of culture.

Chubear3675d ago

cause we all know GeoW II is really all about sitting down to a good cup o tea n' crumpets :/ WTF?! Culture? :/

Dmack793675d ago

"You people have no sense of culture." wtf??? who says that anymore? seriously, wtf does our "sense of culture" have to do with geow 2? whatever.

This ending blows! It's basically the same ending as the first one! Reisistance 2's storyline is so much better...and LONGER too.

na2ru13674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )


PotNoodle3675d ago

That would be very hard to make a good story for anyway, who cares about the story mode though, you'll only play through that 2 or 3 times (once on your own, one or two times co op.)

MP IS WHERE ITS AT! (and horde :D)

Koolaid3674d ago

I didnt care about lack of story in gears 1, and guess what? I still don't. Gears is about no bullsh!t action. You can saw people in half. I don't care about the story, I care about playing an entertaining game with a cold beer. And sawing people in half. Look at the bright side, at least theres pretty solid grounds for a Gears 3. Why are so many gamers such negative people? The glass is half full, not half empty.

SixZeroFour3674d ago

honestly, i forgot what the story was for gears one up until gears 2 stories started popping up and i played gears 1 again

i liked gears for its action, not for its doesnt really matter to me, but others...ummm...not too sure

pain777pas3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Games have come a long way and there is no excuse for a lacklustre story. Games are rivaling the movie industry even surpassing it dollar for dollar so there is no excuse. I hope that games are not just built for the MP only because that just sucks I love to remember a game that impacted me like FF7 and the MGS series not just that I sawed someone in half.

mfwahwah3674d ago

I care because I want our beloved industry to actually grow, not sloooooowly evolve. I prefer SP over MP also.

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