Fighting a God: Behind the Scenes of God of War’s First Boss Battle

Denny Yeh writes: "Hello! Today I’d like to take you behind the scenes to talk a little bit about the development of one of our showcase boss fights in the new God of War."

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ArchangelMike61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

That was an EPIC boss battle. In a way it was a little bit too Epic, as all the other Boss battles in the game didn't really live up to that first fight.

Case in point we now have a whole series of vlogs on that one fight, and not on any others in the game.

NateBOY59d ago

Best gow, but not best bosses

NateBOY58d ago

it is incredible how people do not have the courage to admit the flaws of this game,
the trolls are repetitive and do not have much variety of finalizations, but people still insist on saying that it is perfect, by pure acts of fanboy
do not get me wrong, but I found another 9.4 / 10, and there are several people including here who will concondar with me