PS4 vs Xbox One in the US – VGChartz Gap Charts – June 2018 Update

In June 2018 the gap in the US between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One grew in favor of the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 sold 119,122 more units than the Xbox One in the last month. The PlayStation 4 also sold 709,974 more units in the last year. The PlayStation 4 currently leads by 3.24 million units.

The PlayStation 4 launched in the US on November 15, 2013, while the Xbox One launched on November 22, 2013. The PlayStation 4 has sold 24.84 Million units, while the Xbox One has sold 21.60 million units.

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FallenAngel198463d ago

All that talk of Xbox One X making a big difference last year and the gap still continues to grow

Highlife63d ago

Goes to show
Exclusive games > more power

fiveby963d ago

This is true. Ultimately the games lineup wins out as long as the user perceived performance gap is not excessive. I own both consoles (Pro and X) and as much as I like them both I tend to make purchases for the Pro far more often. RDR2 will be on my Pro as the quality still looks great and that's where most of my friends will play too.

xRacer74x63d ago

US market is so diff than the rest. You see for every 8 PS4 sold 7 XBOX soldin USA. This is more inline to how I see difference. The other regions are way more Sony driven just in my area its a lot closer.

Ninja_Ryu63d ago

The PS4 is big time outselling the XBox One in all regions world wide.

ndonnine63d ago

Not sure you understand math but when you're saying 3.5million different over 24million total that's about a 12% different.... So that's not "big time" also in Europe Xbox is doing better

mkis00763d ago


xbox is only ahead in brazil or some other south american country. uk and europe its 3:1 average in favor of ps4.

kreate62d ago

How is Xbox doing better in Europe?

Ninja_Ryu62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

You still dreaming huh😁😁