Control Developer Says No Game Is Doing What Remedy Is Planning; Design Included Some RPG Elements

Remedy reckons that no game is doing anything like Control. Sam Lake also confirmed that the design included some RPG elements.

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Imalwaysright2066d ago

Fresh is a must in this industry. Let's hope that they deliver on their words.

KaiPow2066d ago

I'm more excited for the Metroid elements. Maybe RPG just refers to unlocking upgrades?

Chris_Wray2066d ago

It's a high statement, one that will have to be seen to be believed really. It is true what they say though, once you are chasing a trend you're already behind. It's rare that you see a game that comes second or third actually be the top of the pile.

mandingo2066d ago

Looks too similar to quantum break for me to call this game anything new. Though I did enjoy QB.

Movefasta19932066d ago

QB minus the live action crap and destructible environments? I'm hyped.

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Josh Sawyer, Pentiment Director, Comments on Industry Burnout Issues

Josh Sawyer tweets: "I believe burnout has already replaced crunch as the primary hazard of the game industry. Managers are setting teams up to fail and devs are getting ground up as collateral damage. I have suffered from burnout myself. It's no joke. Thanks to @thewritegame and @Eeoor for the talk.

As with crunch, it's likely that managers may acknowledge creating the circumstances leading to burnout but will not take the necessary steps to change them. It's important that devs continue to talk to and support each other and to apply pressure until change is effected."

anast14h ago

Typically burnout comes from abusive management.

N3mzor12h ago

"Flood has replaced the faulty dam as the primary hazard of the valley"


Rise Of The Rōnin Creators Talk Popular Samurai Media Like Shogun, Coincidental Timing, And Cats

Rise of the Rōnin producer Yosuke Hayashi and director Fumihiko Yasuda are watching Shogun and recommend you watch Yojimbo.

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The Reason Sega Lost The 32-Bit War? The 32X, Says Yosuke Okunari

"The company was unable to focus enough on its main hope"

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ApocalypseShadow2d ago

Nope. Going back to the 32X as the reason Sega lost that generation doesn't go back far enough before the Saturn.

Sega executives need to blame themselves as to why Sega lost that generation. Not Saturn. Not 32X. Not Sega CD. Nope. Executives were the reason why. It wasn't the hardware. Those devices were either dropped early or released to soon resulting in a developer backlash the hurt the game catalog. They really shouldn't have been made at all because they should have planned their next move more carefully. It has nothing to do with the devices. Poor leadership decisions and lack of unity within the company are what happened.

Love how blame is always shifted away from what is the truth. Writing a book placing the blame on the 32X isn't the truth.

solideagle1d 16h ago

I am pretty sure there are documentaries (Youtube) around it which highlights these points. I had Sega Mega drive and NES growing up but that's about it. I didn't even know there was a war going on between these companies but I do remember thinking why I can't play Sonic cartridge on Nintendo or Mario on Sega :D

FinalFantasyFanatic1d 14h ago

I had the Genesis and the Saturn, also had the SNES and 64, I never got a Dreamcast for some reason, but I never saw one in the stores either.