Control Developer Says No Game Is Doing What Remedy Is Planning; Design Included Some RPG Elements

Remedy reckons that no game is doing anything like Control. Sam Lake also confirmed that the design included some RPG elements.

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Imalwaysright1755d ago

Fresh is a must in this industry. Let's hope that they deliver on their words.

KaiPow1755d ago

I'm more excited for the Metroid elements. Maybe RPG just refers to unlocking upgrades?

Chris_Wray1755d ago

It's a high statement, one that will have to be seen to be believed really. It is true what they say though, once you are chasing a trend you're already behind. It's rare that you see a game that comes second or third actually be the top of the pile.

mandingo1755d ago

Looks too similar to quantum break for me to call this game anything new. Though I did enjoy QB.

Movefasta19931755d ago

QB minus the live action crap and destructible environments? I'm hyped.

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